Lighting Upgrades

May 30, 2022"

5 Lighting Upgrades For Your Home

Good lighting makes us more productive, but more importantly, it makes us happier. There are even studies that confirm that proper lighting is a determining factor in health. But it’s not always easy to get it, especially when we live in a rented house or apartment or when we haven’t done a lighting upgrades project when building or renovating our home. But nothing is lost! Here are a few tips to improve the lighting in your home, whatever your situation:

Choose the right types of bulbs

To improve the lighting in your home, forget the good old incandescent lamps and opt for modern lamps, such as compact fluorescent and LEDs. For a long time, these compact fluorescent bulbs were bulky and projected a rather white light. Now they have changed. The new generation lasts a long time, consumes little, and offers a warm light that is suitable for all rooms. As far as LED bulbs are concerned, they have the advantage of preserving your retinas thanks to their soft light. In addition, their price has dropped significantly. You will find on the market a multitude of choices allowing you to diversify the ambiances and create variations of light in your rooms.

Take advantage of natural light.

Using natural light is one of the healthiest ways to light up the rooms in your home. It is also more efficient and economical in terms of energy use. An ingeniously positioned window or bay window can provide as much light as dozens of light bulbs during the day. In order to take greater advantage of natural lighting, think about reorganizing your rooms, especially for the placement of furniture. Avoid hiding light sources coming from windows with tall furniture, for example. Another great way to improve natural light in your home is to paint your walls with light color.

Multiply the light sources in the rooms

Often, there is a tendency to use only one light source to light a room. This single light source leaves some of your corners in the shade and tends to overwhelm the volumes. By choosing to install several light sources in your rooms, you will obtain optimal lighting. Think about adding additional lighting, such as spotlights, sconces, or directional lamps, to be able to modulate the brightness of the rooms according to your needs. It is best to have at least three different light sources available, including general lighting, mood lighting, and functional lighting.

Incorporate reflective tones and upgrade fixtures to reflect light.

For a particularly easy solution to a poorly lit room, try introducing reflective elements into the room. For example, hang a large mirror on a wall that will reflect light to illuminate the room. White walls reflect and amplify light, so you need fewer light sources to get a pleasant ambient light. Upgrading some of your most important fixtures can make a big difference in the overall lighting of your home. Any fixtures that are either stylistically obsolete or inefficient can be easily replaced with a newer model. You don’t need to replace all the fixtures in your home; just focus on the ones that have the most impact on your lighting.

Diversify the lighting in your home

Each room in the house has its own light intensity. The brightness you need in your kitchen will not be the same as in the bathroom or living room. In the kitchen, it is best to mix a soft focal light or pendants above the table and provide a powerful light for the worktop to cook in pleasant conditions. In the bedroom, opt for subdued light to help the body rest. Don’t hesitate to install a floor lamp for your home to illuminate the slightly dark corners of the bedroom or living room.

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