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Do you need a digital thermostat Installation in Dallas in your building? We are at your service. Whether you want to change your analog thermostat to a digital one or you want to repair a faulty thermostat, you can contact us at Blessed Electric & Air.

We have been offering the service of digital thermostat installation in Dallas. Over the years, our servicemen have fixed different types of thermostat issues. And one unfortunate thing about a digital thermostat is that if it shuts down, your entire HVAC will be inaccessible. Also, we have realized that many of the digital thermostat installation problems could have been avoided. That’s why we have decided to give you a few tips on how to prevent thermostat problems.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Digital Thermostat Installation in Dallas

Study the Manual

A lot of people often ignore the user manual of their thermostat. They only remember to rush through it when they run into a problem. It is necessary not just to read the user manual but to also study it carefully before you even start using it.

This will enlighten you on how best to take care of your thermostat. It will also help you avoid common mistakes. The more information you have about the unit, the better you’ll be able to take care of it.

Try to Understand the Digital Thermostat Installation in Dallas

People sometimes complain about their heating/cooling unit not working properly when they have not even checked the thermostat. So, it is necessary to confirm the following before you conclude that your thermostat has a problem.

  • Confirm that the thermostat is on
  • Confirm that the thermostat is set to the right temperature
  • Sometimes, if it’s no longer responding, you have to restart it. Have you done that?

Another reason why it may not respond is when there’s a programmed setting conflicting with the new command you’re trying to issue. For instance, you may have programmed it to turn off the heating unit when the internal temperature rises above 75 degrees, and you’re trying to turn on the unit when the temperature is still about 77 degrees. The thermostat may not respond. So, you need to confirm that there’s no setting in place or the programmed setting is not conflicting.

Your thermostat must be clean always

It is important to keep your thermostat clean always. Believe it or not, we have seen dust cause the following thermostat problems.

  • Inaccurate temperature reading
  • Lack of response from the thermostat
  • Loss of connection between thermostat and HVAC

Yes, when dust builds up to an extent, it can cause the listed problems. To avoid such problems, keep your thermostat clean all the time. It is a very sensitive device. To clean it, you can wipe it down with a wet piece of cloth or dust it with a soft brush. You can also remove the face plate to wipe it down.

Change the batteries once a year

You need to understand that when your electronic thermostat loses power, the entire HVAC goes right down. That’s why you need to change its battery regularly. Some thermostats will alert you when the battery is low. When you see the alert, you must change the battery quickly.

Unfortunately, not every digital thermostat gives alerts. So, how would you know when the battery is low? Without a low battery alert, there’s no way. But by virtue of our experience, we understand that the batteries of electronic thermostats usually last longer than a year. That’s why we are suggesting that you should change the batteries of your digital thermostat once a year.

In conclusion, if you apply the four tips above, your digital thermostat may never give you any problem, but if it does, don’t hesitate to call us. And if you’re planning to install a new electronic thermostat, you can contact us for our quote.


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