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Blessed Electric & Air has been serving homes and offices in Dallas for many years and to many residential houses now, and trust us as their favorite go-to Dallas electrician. It is the quality of our services that made the difference. You can call us on (214) 801-5755 for all Dallas HVAC and electricians services in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Our job is not done until you’re 100% satisfied. This is why we employ highly experienced professional electricians and we also carry out a background check on each of them. So, when you hire us, you hire quality, experience, expertise, and peace of mind.

If you’re here to hire a licensed electrician in Dallas and Fort Worth, you’re at the right place. Look no further. Call Dallas electrician at (214) 801-5755, and we’ll hit the road immediately, heading over to your house. Our electricians are based in Dallas, so they know the electric codes in virtually all neighborhoods in Dallas.

Digital Thermostat Installation Dallas

The world is shifting from an analog thermostat to a digital thermostat, and we can help you make the transition as easy as possible. We want you to be in total control of the temperature in your apartment. Our experience has taught us that 50% of the energy bill of most homes is incurred by their heating and cooling systems. So, if you can take total control of the systems, you’ll reduce your energy bill significantly.

Digital thermostats Dallas, are quite smart, and they can retain your preferred settings in their memory. So, you won’t need to go through the settings every day. Besides, a digital thermostat will save you from moving around your home trying to control your analog thermostat. And it is important to let experts like Blessed Electric & Air handle the installation with Dallas Electrician.

Electrical Panel Upgrades with best Dallas Electrician

How old is your electrical panel? It may be due for an upgrade. If for the past 4 – 5 years, you have been installing more electrical appliances without upgrading your electrical panel upgrades in Dallas, it is time to consider an upgrade. Every panel has a maximum capacity.

Flickering lights, dimming lights, and tripping breakers are signs that your electrical panel needs an upgrade. And you can trust us with it. We have installed new electric panels or upgraded old ones for numerous homes in Dallas. When we install or upgrade yours, we’ll give you a guarantee and peace of mind.

Instead of spending a huge sum of money on adverts like our competitors, we let our services speak for us. That’s why over majority of our customers are returning customers, and other customers were referred by good word of mouth by our old customers.

Whenever you decide to upgrade your electrical panel, don’t hesitate to give Dallas electrician a call on (214) 801-5755.

Dallas HVAC Services

This is the autumn season when your HVAC in Dallas has to be at its best. This is part of our residential electrical services in Dallas. We have a long list of customers whose HVACs are our responsibility. We ensure their appliances are in perfect condition, and we carry out routine checks on them periodically.

You could subscribe to the Dallas electrician service, and we’ll take charge of your HVAC too. We have licensed electricians who specialize in HVACs. If your cooling/heating unit isn’t doing a good job, it might need a routine check or a mild tune-up. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Install a Ceiling Fan in Dallas

A ceiling fan does not consume energy like an air conditioner. In fact, a single split unit consumes more energy than five ceiling fans put together. That’s why it is advisable to switch from your aircon to fans for some hours every day. It will help to reduce your energy bill slightly.

Dallas electrician is glad to inform you that the installation of ceiling fans in homes and offices is our job too. Let’s assess your apartment and recommend the appropriate size of ceiling fans for you. We don’t want you to purchase fans that may be too small for your apartment.

Do you have electrical installations to do? Why not hire Blessed Electric & Air? We are the best Residential electricians in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Call us on (214) 801-5755 today.

Frequently asked questions:

Q1: How to save money when hiring a Dallas electrician?
Ans: To save money when hiring an electrician, get multiple quotes, prioritize licensed electricians, and communicate your needs clearly.

Q2: How can I protect my home from power surges?
Ans: Protect your home from power surges by installing surge protectors, using surge-protecting power strips, and unplugging devices during storms or when not in use.

Q3: How do we know that your electricians are “certified”?
Ans: To know if electricians are certified, ask about their certifications, check affiliations with professional organizations, and verify their credentials with licensing boards.

Q4: How do I know if my light switches need to be repaired?
Ans: If light switches are loose, inconsistent, spark, feel hot, or show signs of damage, they may need repair with Dallas electrician.

Complete List of Home Services in Dallas, TX

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