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If you’re planning to install an air conditioning unit in your house or you want to service existing ones, we may be of service to you. At Blessed Electric & Air, we install, repair, and service air conditioners. Our servicemen have been offering the service in several cities in Texas for some years.

During the installation of air conditioners, a lot can go wrong. According to Murphy’s Law, what can go wrong will go wrong. Don’t give anything a chance to go wrong. For instance, you could end up installing a unit that is too big for your apartment or too small for it.

If it’s too big, short cycling will occur, and if it is too small, the unit will overwork, causing an increase in wear and tear and an increase in energy consumption. You can count on our electricians to get the right size of air conditioner for your apartment.

Also, you may end up filling your unit with either inadequate or excess refrigerant. Either way, there will be a problem. On the other hand, our electricians are experienced enough to know the right quantity of refrigerant for every unit.

Furthermore, do you know the best brands of air conditioners? We do. We know how the brands stack up, and we’ll supply you with the best brands. The installation of an air conditioning unit is a huge investment. Don’t ruin it by installing it by yourself if you lack the required training, knowledge, and experience.

We carry out maintenance checks

To ensure your unit always puts up a great performance, service it at least once a year. When carrying out routine maintenance works on the air conditioners of our clients, we usually do the following:

  • Check for refrigerant leaks
  • Measure the quantity of refrigerant
  • Check belts for wear and firmness
  • Oil all motors to reduce friction
  • Inspect electrical terminals
  • Quantify airflow through the evaporator coil
  • Check for duct leakage
  • Wash or change air filters

All these are ways to avert potential faults. Maintenance may come at a cost, but the cost is smaller to repair costs. At Blessed Electric & Air, we offer preventive maintenance checks for your air conditioning systems so they don’t break down.

Of course, many companies offer aircon maintenance services, but the quality of the services varies widely. We offer the best maintenance services. The performance of your air conditioner and its durability depend on your choice of a technician. That’s why you should always hire the best air conditioner maintenance company.

You can trust us with repair works too

In addition to the installation and maintenance of air conditioning units, we can also fix them. When one of your air conditioning units breaks down, don’t hesitate to call us. We will fix it as quickly as possible at a moderate cost. If the cause of the fault is a human error, we’ll let you know your mistake.

We have a lot of confidence in the expertise and experience of our electricians, and that’s why we guarantee our services. We have been serving several cities in Texas for several years, and we have never done the same job twice. Notwithstanding, if we have to handle the same job twice, we will bear the cost the second time, not you.

We offer same-day services

Blessed Electric & Air is always available and accessible to serve you any time of the day and any day of the week/year. If your air conditioning unit suddenly stops working in the middle of the night, give us a call immediately.

If you’re searching for the company to hire for the installation, servicing, or repairs of your air conditioning unit, you’ve found one now. Contact us immediately.


Below is a list of the cities we offer service. We may still be available in your area if your city is not listed below. Our DFW electrician team of professional and licensed electricians travels most of Dallas and Fort Worth. If you are unsure if we service your area, please call  (214) 801-5755