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Many homes are already switching from an analog thermostat to a digital one, and we think you should join the bandwagon. The best time to make the move is today. The reason you’re still skeptical about the paradigm shift is that you have little or no idea what you stand to gain from a digital thermostat.

On that note, we have decided to give you a few benefits of a residential digital thermostat that you should consider. After going through the benefits, you’re likely to start planning when to install yours.

Benefits of a Digital Thermostat 

Lower Energy Bills 

The biggest advantage of switching to a digital thermostat is to reduce your utility bills. A digital thermostat is programmable, and you can decide when you want it to cool your home. This is unlike an analog thermostat that cools your entire home, whether you’re at home or not.

You know when the last person in your house leaves home, and you also know the time everyone will get back home. So, you can program your thermostat to shut down the moment the last person leaves home and to start the HVAC unit about 15 minutes to the arrival time of the first person to get home.

The same applies to your heating unit in the winter. Sometimes, the atmospheric temperature in some parts of the United States is perfect, and you may not need any heating or cooling. For this reason, you can program your thermostat to shut your cooling unit down when the atmospheric temperature drops to a certain temperature.

This also means that it can start the cooling unit when the temperature rises above the threshold. When you sum up all the times your heating and cooling units were shut down, it will lead to a substantial cut in your monthly energy bills.

Tracking of Energy Usage

By default, a digital thermostat keeps track of your power consumption, and it also keeps track of the total number of hours your HVAC works daily, weekly, monthly, and since it was installed. When you analyze these figures, you’ll get your usage pattern. This will help you to come up with ways to reduce your power consumption further.

Remote Control

Digital thermostats can be controlled remotely through their apps on your phone. That means every digital thermostat comes with an app that should be installed on your smartphone. That way, you don’t have to be at home to control your remote control.

If you have programmed your thermostat to start your cooling unit 20 minutes to your usual arrival time and you decide to work a little late, you can override the program and only start your HVAC unit when you’re a few kilometers to your home. That way, you’ll get home to a cool atmosphere, and you won’t waste energy cooling an empty home.

Some home furniture cannot withstand heat. For instance, leather furniture will begin to peel off when it is subjected to long-term heat. That means you need to cool your country home regularly whether you’re around or not. To do that, you may have to control the thermostat installed in it from wherever you are. 


You have to set an analog thermostat every day. On the other hand, you can program a digital thermostat and forget it. A digital thermostat has sensors that detect movements. So, they know when people are at home and when they are not.

Besides, during the winter, you can program your thermostat to heat your home only when the temperature drops to a certain threshold, and during summer, you can also set it to start your cooling unit only when the interior temperature rises to a certain temperature. And when the temperature drops below the threshold, it will shut down your cooling unit.

The best part is that you can attach the programs to dates. You know when each season will begin and end. So, you can give the digital thermostat multiple instructions and indicate which one to follow on what day. After that, you can forget about it. Fold your hands and watch how your smart thermostat will regulate the temperature in your home based on your given instructions (programs).

Longer Lifespan for HVAC Units

By programming your digital thermostat to shut down your HVAC unit when the interior temperature hits a certain threshold, you’re allowing the unit to rest. This rest helps to extend its lifespan. Remember, the more you use your HVAC unit, the sooner it will reach its lifespan.

These frequent rests will also reduce its maintenance checks, which are usually based on how many hours the unit has worked.


Now that you have seen the major benefits of installing a digital thermostat in your home, what is your opinion? This is probably an eye-opener for you. Well, whenever you decide to install a digital thermostat, you can contact us. Till then, we will stand by.


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