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When it comes to the repair of your generator, you don’t have to choose any technician at random. Your choice of generator repair service technician could either extend the lifespan of your generator or shorten it. By virtue of our experience, we can tell you that what kills a generator gradually is the quality of parts that are used for it.

Many generator technicians usually go for the cheapest parts to maximize their profits, and this will eventually boomerang on you in the future when your generator finally packs up sooner than you expect. To avoid that, follow the tips below to choose a generator service provider.

Choosing a Generator Repair Service Provider

Choose a Service Provider Before Your Generator Breaks Down

Many homeowners in Texas usually wait for their generator to break down before they start looking for a service provider. The problem with that idea is that when your generator packs up, you’ll be focused on getting fixing it as quickly as possible. In that situation, you may not be able to do your due diligence.

You’re likely to hire the generator service provider whose contact you come across first. You may not bother about their experience and license status. But when you decide to look for a service provider now that your generator is in perfect condition, you’ll have all the time to scrutinize them before picking one.

Seek Reference 

It is always a good idea to ask friends, family, and office colleagues for the contact of a trusted generator expert. Also, if a generator is used in your place of work, you might also want to ask the technician if he can handle your personal generator. The idea is to hire a tested and trusted generator repair specialist with a proven track record. 

Start With a Long List 

Don’t hire the first specialist that appears to be competent. There may be other specialists that are better and still offer lower charges. You don’t want to hire any generator specialist. Rather, you want to hire the very best.

Gather a list of specialists and prune the list down to the best four or five. After that, you can contact to the four of them before you hire one.

Consider Insurance 

You need to hire a company that is insured and fully bonded. Do you know that without insurance, if a technician gets injured while working on your generator, you’ll be held liable? You probably don’t plan to add medical bills to the cost of your generator repairs.

On the other hand, when the service provider is insured, their insurance provider will be responsible for the hospital bill when an accident occurs.

Being bonded means the company has a strong financial backing. If a technician damages your generator while trying to fix it, you’ll be compensated. So, it is necessary to hire a generator specialist that is insured and bonded. You need to ask for proof of insurance and bonding. 

Hire a Licensed Technician 

As a resident of Texas, you need to hire a service provider that has been licensed to operate in Texas. Ask for their license. Being licensed is a proof of competence. This is because Texas’ licensing procedure is tough and strict.

Another reason to hire a licensed electrician is to help you retain the warranty on your generator. Buying a generator is a huge investment and it usually comes with a warranty. However, if your generator supplier finds out that an unqualified technician tampered with your generator, its warranty may be voided. 

Experience Matters Too 

In every field, expertise grows with experience. The more experience a technician has, the more knowledge he’s likely to have. So, hire only a company that has been offering the service for some years. We suggest you ask for a minimum of three years’ experience.

Blessed Electric & Air is All You Need 

Instead of wasting precious time and resources to hire a service provider, why not contact us? We can assure you that we meet all the requirements above. Our company is licensed, insured, and bonded. When any accident happens while serving you, our insurance company will foot the medical bill.

Besides, our technicians are well-trained on safety rules. So, the chances of an accident occurring is very close to zero.

In addition, we’re licensed to operate in Texas. In fact, we flaunt it proudly. Since we have been operating for several years in Texas, we can confidently say, we have the required experience as well.

In addition to license, insurance, and experience, we make use of sophisticated equipment to fix generators. Most importantly, our charges are very competitive. Our competitors usually find it difficult to match our quotes. This is why we have a huge customer base.

If you want to install a new generator or you want to service or repair your generator, you’re welcome to contact us as soon as possible. We’d be glad to serve you.


Below is a list of the cities we offer service. We may still be available in your area if your city is not listed below. Our DFW electrician team of professional and licensed electricians travels most of Dallas and Fort Worth. If you are unsure if we service your area, please call  (214) 801-5755