Packaged Heat Pump Installation

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Although we offer several services, packaged heat pump installation is one of them. If you want to install heat pumps in new homes, you can hire Blessed Electric & Air. Remember, how your heat pump is installed determines how long it will last. That’s why you should let an expert with several years’ experience handle the installation of your heat pumps. In addition to installation, we also troubleshoot, service, and repair heat pumps.

Our maintenance checklist

When we carry out preventive maintenance checks on heat pumps, we take the following steps.

  1. We start with a thorough inspection. We inspect the indoor coil, blower, and ducts. And what do we look for? We inspect those components for damage, dirt, and obstructions. All these will prevent the heat pump from putting up a great performance. If we see any dirt, damage, or obstruction, we’ll eliminate it immediately.
  2. After the inspection, we engage in cleaning. We clean the drain pan and indoor coil. The heat pump will work better when these components are clean.
  3. The next thing we do is flush the drain line until it is satisfactorily clean. There should be no obstruction in the drain line. The best way to get rid of obstruction is through flushing.
  4. We also check for leaks in the ducts. And if we discover any leaks, we’ll seal the leaks immediately. Leaks can make your heating pump consume more power to produce less output.
  5. We also check system and line discharge pressure. We know what the pressure level should be. We may also tune up the pressure if it’s below par.
  6. Another important thing to do is quantify and verify the refrigerant charge. We also check if there are any refrigerant leaks. If there are leaks, we will plug the leaks.
  7. We initiate a defrost cycle and wait for a while to confirm if the sequence is in order. If not, we will rectify it immediately. That’s what preventive maintenance is all about.
  8. We also inspect the wiring of the unit. If we find the wires to be old, weak, or deteriorating, we replace them. We won’t wait until old wires cause problems before we change them. In addition, we clean and tighten all  connections as needed.
  9. The blower isn’t left out. We get to check the blower wheel to be sure it is balanced and clean. If not, we’ll balance and clean it. Imbalance of the blower wheel could cause a major problem if left for long.
  10. All the motors, bearings, belts will be inspected. Motors and bearings are inspected for lubrication, while belts are inspected for tightness and wear. If necessary, motors and bearings are lubricated, while belts are tightened.
  11. We verify the electric controls are correct. When the thermostat initiates heating, cooling has to be locked out, and when the thermostat calls for cooling, heating should be out. There should be smooth communication between the thermostat and the heating pump. We sometimes go deeper by testing all the thermostat operations.
  12. We inspect the outdoor condensing unit and base-pan for cleanliness and balance. And last but not least, we ensure that outdoor temperature sensors are properly located.

Each time we carry out maintenance checks on a heating pump, we carry out all the activities listed above. That’s the only way to avert potential faults and make sure the unit runs efficiently. We would never cut corners and skip any of the checks. That’s why we have confidence in our checks. Are you planning to service, repair, or replace an existing heat pump? Do you want to install a new one in your new home? We’ve got you covered. You can hire Blessed Electric & Air for the services. We are the best in Texas, and our services will confirm this claim.


Below is a list of the cities we offer service. We may still be available in your area if your city is not listed below. Our DFW electrician team of professional and licensed electricians travels most of Dallas and Fort Worth. If you are unsure if we service your area, please call  (214) 801-5755