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If you’re on this page because you want to install a generator or because you want to fix your generator, you’re on the right page. At Blessed Electric & Air, we install, service, and repair industrial generators. We have been offering the service for the past few years.

Many of our clients made costly purchase mistakes that haunted them for many years. We don’t want you to make the same mistake. If you’re on the verge of purchasing an industrial generator, you may want to follow the tips below.

Buying an Industrial Generator

Think about the Site First

Don’t make the mistake of ordering a generator before you think of where to place it. You must decide on the site first. Remember, you also have to concrete the ground. You must also consider the fact that industrial generators are noisy and they also emit harmful gases.

So, you may want to place it far away from your building to prevent it from disturbing your employees. At the same time, you don’t want to constitute a nuisance in the neighborhood. Most importantly, you must find out the rules and regulations of the local council on generator installation. You don’t want to install a generator that will be removed later on.

Think of Capacity

You may need to consult an electrician on this. If you purchase a generator that can’t power all your electrical appliances, it would be a waste of money. It means work will stop when there’s a power outage. On the other hand, you may purchase a generator that is too big for your needs, giving room for scalability.

This is a good idea, but there’s a limit to it. Every generator has a minimum amount of load it can power efficiently. If your appliances do not meet up to the minimum amount of load your industrial generator can power, there will be problems. There will be incomplete combustion, and that will lead to blue smoke.

We will need to remove and clean the piston often. There’s no guarantee that such a generator will reach its lifespan. So, before you select the capacity to go for, you must determine your total consumption.

Generators Come with Various Qualities

We have been offering the service for several years, and we can tell you that some brands of generators are more rugged and durable than others. That’s why it is always better to purchase a brand that has a proven track record.

Buying a generator is a huge investment. Don’t gamble on it. Of course, obscure brands are usually cheaper, and that’s why many people fall into the trap of going for less expensive brands. It is better to buy what will give you peace of mind.

Think of Spare Parts

Availability of spare parts is another reason to consider a popular brand. How would you feel if your generator breaks down and you’re told that it will take up to three weeks to get a replacement part because it is yet to be shipped into the country? Annoying and frustrating, right? This is why you’re better off with a popular brand. Its parts are usually readily available.

Study Warranty Terms

Most industrial generators come with warranties, but the terms and conditions of these warranties differ. Based on our experience, we will advise you to take the time to study the warranty terms and conditions. Read the fine print.

Don’t assume anything. You don’t want your claim to be declined because the problem with your generator isn’t covered by the warranty on it. Take the time to study the terms. And if you’re not clear about the terms, ask questions.

Conclusively, it is better to hire an electrician for the installation of a generator. If you’re ready to purchase a new generator, you can talk to us. We’ll discuss the most suitable options for your needs.



Below is a list of the cities we offer service. We may still be available in your area if your city is not listed below. Our DFW electrician team of professional and licensed electricians travels most of Dallas and Fort Worth. If you are unsure if we service your area, please call  (214) 801-5755