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If you have a large commercial building with different sections or departments, you need to install HVAC controls to make your HVAC run efficiently and safely. As a provider of HVAC controls, we’d like to lay out some of the key benefits of the facility to you.

Benefits of HVAC Controls

1. Reduced energy consumption

Normally, the first person to arrive at the office will switch on the HVAC, or it will come up automatically when it senses the presence of staff. The first person will only occupy one of the numerous offices in the building, but the HVAC will start heating the whole building, which is a complete waste of energy.

With HVAC controls, the unit can be programmed to heat up only a zone that is being occupied, leaving the other sections unheated. This will save a lot of energy. Another way to save energy is to program your HVAC to shut down about 15 minutes before closing time. The amount of energy its saves with the early shutdown may be negligible, but it will quickly add up to a tangible amount.

Since your HVAC is responsible for about half of your energy consumption, controlling it will yield a huge slash in your monthly energy bills. If the weather allows, you can program your HVAC to start working only when the indoor temperature drops below 75 degrees F. In that situation, even if your employees arrive, the HVAC won’t start working until the temperature drops below 75 degrees F.

2. Access to more accurate data

As a manager or a decision-maker in your company, you may need to make smart decisions on HVAC usage. To do that, you must have access to accurate data, which you can only get from a smartly controlled HVAC.  The system can give the total number of hours the chiller worked and the total number of hours the heater worked. It will also give you the HVAC usage of each department/section of the building. With accurate and up-to-date data, you should be able to make smart business decisions at any given time.

3. HVACs prevent downtime

Here, we’re talking about two types of downtime. We’re talking about both the downtime in the running of the HVAC and the downtime in your official activities. If your HVAC breaks down during official hours, business activities will stop and all the occupants of the building will move out.

This will lead to a complete waste of manhours, and it will also cost you some dollars to repair and revive the HVAC. Your HVAC controls can prevent such a disaster. When something is wrong with your HVAC or when a certain value holds true, an alarm will go off. We can quickly resolve the problem to prevent your HVAC from breaking down.

4. Easy scheduling

HVAC controls allow you to schedule the unit to kick off or shut down based on certain conditions. If your set of staff resume at 9am, you can set your HVAC to start by 8.45am in order to preheat the office before the arrival of your employees.

You can also include schedules for holidays, schedules for each day of the week, and automatic adjustments for daylight savings in your HVAC program.

5. Easy integration with other systems

You may want to integrate your HVAC controls with your lighting. In other words, your HVAC controls can also control your lights. For instance, if your employees resume at 9am, you can program the controls to start the HVAC by 8.45am and turn the lights on at exactly 9am.

At Blessed Electric & Air, we can install digital HVAC controls and also educate you on how to program the system. For more information, contact us today or anytime.


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