Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

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Actually, at Blessed Electric & Air, we don’t only do commercial air duct cleaning. Rather, we clean the entire HVAC system for homes and offices. Cleaning only the air ducts is like cleaning only your bedroom and leaving the other compartments dirty. Dirt and debris will still find their way back into the clean bedroom.

That’s why it is unprofessional to clean only the air duct when you can actually clean the entire HVAC system. Our servicemen usually clean the following HVAC components.

  • Air Cleaner
  • Air Ducts
  • Air Filter
  • Air Plenum
  • Blower Motor
  • Coils
  • Drain Pan
  • Grills
  • Heat Exchange
  • Registers

Our cleaning process

Our cleaning process can be divided into two. First, we break the contaminants loose, and then we collect the contaminants. We usually start by removing the sources of contamination with agitation devices like compressed air nozzles, air whips, and brushes. We can also do contact vacuuming.

During the cleaning of the HVAC, we will place the system under continuous negative pressure. This prevents contaminants from spreading. When the negative pressure goes on for long, fine particles will be removed easily because they will become airborne.

At the same time, we will ensure that the airborne particles are not released into the living space of your home or office when we eventually turn the HVAC system on. The negative pressure also helps to extract contaminants that have been loosened. We collect them and remove them from your home.

One of the hardest parts of cleaning an HVAC system is gaining access into the duct. We gain access into the duct through existing openings like the service openings, duct end caps, return grills, or supply diffusers. Sometimes, our technicians may have to create access holes to be able to reach the interior of the duct with their cleaning tools.

You need to understand that the creation of access holes or service openings and their closure require skills, carefulness, experience, and craftsmanship. No worries, our technicians are trained and equipped to create and close access holes. That’s why we clean HVACs better than others in Texas. We clean HVAC systems to NADCA Standard, and our teeming customers can testify to that. When you hire us to clean your HVAC, you’ll eventually stay with us because of the quality of our services.

Maintenance checks

Blessed Electric & Air does much more than cleaning. We can install a new HVAC system for you. We can also carry out maintenance checks. In fact, cleaning the system is only part of our maintenance activities.

Also, we can fix a system that has broken down. Routine maintenance costs much less than repairs, and our HVAC maintenance is actually preventive maintenance. So, we usually encourage our customers to get their HVAC serviced as and when due to avoid a major breakdown. Over the years, we have been able to avert major breakdowns by detecting and replacing faulty components during maintenance checks.

We Offer Other Electrical Services

Installation, cleaning, servicing, and repairing HVAC systems is just an arm of our business. Blessed Electric & Air offers other services. We offer electrical services like electrical panel upgrades, wiring, rewiring, installation of other electrical appliances, general inspection of electrical systems, and most importantly, we troubleshoot and fix electrical faults as quickly as possible at moderate costs.

At Blessed Electric & Air, we have been able to blend high-quality services with competitive quotes. And in spite of that, we don’t offer hidden costs. Our quote remains our quote. It will never change for the same job.

When last was your HVAC cleaned? Its performance may no longer be optimum, and you may be paying more energy bills than you should. Why don’t you let us clean and service your HVAC for optimum performance? We’ll be expecting your call.


Below is a list of the cities we offer service. We may still be available in your area if your city is not listed below. Our DFW electrician team of professional and licensed electricians travels most of Dallas and Fort Worth. If you are unsure if we service your area, please call  (214) 801-5755