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To make your HVAC or air conditioning unit last longer, you have to allow it to rest for a few hours every day. To do that, you need to install some ceiling fans in your building. So, when the air conditioners are turned off, the fans will be in operation. If the building is well-insulated, the fans will continue to blow the already cool air around until you start the air conditioning unit again. For this reason, many homes now have ceiling fans installed. It is necessary to take proper care of your ceiling fans so that they can last very long. Here are a few important tips for commercial ceiling fan installation.

How to take care of your ceiling fans

Get Your Ceiling Fans Installed By An Expert

If your ceiling fan isn’t well installed, it could get loose and pull off while in use. And it could injure people around. There could be other installation mistakes too. To avoid that, we’ll advise you to hire only experienced hands for the installation of your ceiling fans.

Wash Them Regularly

As the ceiling fans roll, all kinds of grime, dust, and debris cling to their blades. And some of the dust may be released into the air, jeopardizing the air quality in your home. So, it is necessary to clean them at least once every three months.

The problem with the cleaning of ceiling fans is that the dust and debris on the fan could drop on the floor and all over your set of furniture, leaving your apartment dirty. Clean fans and dirty surroundings aren’t a good combination. At Blessed Electric & Air, we do more than the installation of ceiling fans. We can also clean them for you without making a mess of the surrounding.

In addition, we could teach you a little trick to clean the blades of your ceiling fans. The blades are usually the major bearer of dust and debris. So, you only need to find a way to clean the blades without messing up the floor.

  • Find an old pillowcase.
  • Turn it inside-out.
  • Spray some liquid soap on it and turn it outside-in.
  • Cover a blade with it. You need to cover it completely and wipe the blade mildly. The dust will drop inside the pillowcase.
  • Remove the pillowcase and dust it outside.
  • Do the same to the other two blades.
  • You can now wipe all three blades with another piece of wet cloth. Wipe the other parts too.

Lubricate The Fans

It is important that you lubricate all your fans once every year. If not, you may begin to hear a funny sound. To lubricate your ceiling fans, find the oil hole. Fill it with engine oil till the hole overflows. This is one of what we do when servicing ceiling fans.

Tighten All The Screws

Somehow, it is possible for some of the screws of your ceiling fans to loosen out gradually. Don’t wait until a screw pulls out and gets lost while the fans are spinning. You need to retighten every screw every three months. As you may already expect, tightening screws is also a part of our fan maintenance process.

Watch Out For Wobbling

It is possible for one of your ceiling fans to start wobbling. This is a sign that something is wrong with it. A blade could be bent, or a screw could have pulled out. When you notice that your fan is wobbling, inspect it thoroughly to find out the cause. And when you do, fix it!

At Blessed Electric & Air, we install, service, and repair ceiling fans. You can contact us for commercial ceiling fan installation services or for other electrical services.


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