Ductless Mini Split System Installation

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Why Expert Need For Your Ductless Mini Split System Installation

We understand that people try to cut costs by doing some jobs themselves. However, we don’t think you should do your ductless mini split system installation yourself because a lot can go wrong. To get the installation right, here are some of the things you must achieve.

Get the appropriate size

Do you know the right size of air conditioning unit for your space? Don’t guess. You must get it right. If the unit is too small for the space, the cooling won’t be enough. And at the same time, if the unit is too big, there will be another issue.

There will be short cycling, and this will lead to poor performance and frequent repairs. In the end, you may have to remove it and replace it with another one. Now, think of all that will go into the installation of the unit. You’ll have to repeat the steps. So, you must get the size right from the get-go.

You must meet the temperature requirements 

Every unit has the minimum temperature it has to operate. If it operates below the temperature, there will be compressor problems. For instance, the Samsung mini-split unit has a minimum ambient temperature of 67 degrees F. To operate below the temperature, you must install a low ambient control, which makes things more complicated.

Proper wiring 

Installation requires proper wiring. How much do you know about wiring? If your home wiring isn’t strong enough to power your unit, the wire could melt or burst into flames. Also, in most brands of split units, the outdoor unit provides power for the indoor unit. So, the system should be wired as such.

Proper insulation of the suction lines 

The liquid and suction lines usually sweat. It is normal. However, they need to be well-insulated. Proper insulation is necessary for proper operation.

Wall breaking 

Remember that a hose or pipe must link the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. To run the hose, you may have to carve out the space from your wall. Here, you need to break the exact wall hole for the hose. As simple as it sounds, it requires tack and craftsmanship.

Are you certified?

Of course, most split units come with different warranties. But there’s a clause on the warranties. If the unit has been fixed by an unqualified person, the warranty may be terminated. So, if you install your unit develops a problem and you send it back to the manufacturer, if they find out (they usually do) that your unit was installed by someone without qualification, the warranty on the unit will be voided immediately.

This implies that the unit can’t be replaced for you, and if it has to be repaired, you’ll foot the bill 100%. If you mess things up, and we have to clean up the mess and re-install the unit, we will charge you higher. Generally, all technicians will do the same because it is now two jobs in one. We fix what you damaged before we re-install the units.

Fixing a particular problem usually costs more than doing the job from scratch. So, by installing your unit yourself, do you really think you’re cutting costs? We don’t think so.


It is always a good idea to let experienced and qualified hands handle the installation of your units. You’ll have peace of mind. You can hire Blessed Electric & Air for the job. We are the best in Texas and we have installed all kinds of split units in numerous residential, commercial, and industrial buildings all over Texas. The best part is that our charges are competitive.

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