May 30, 2022"

Electric Inspections and What to Expect


Scheduling a regular electrical inspection is one way to ensure your home or office’s electrical needs are up to date. Likewise, you should inspect your home’s electrical systems for safety and functionality.

We at Blessed Electric and Air want to walk you through the basics of an electrical inspection. Having a clear understanding of what to look for and getting all the information you need from an electrical inspection will help you make the best decision for your home.

Types of Electrical Inspections

Although inspections can take many forms, they generally fall into three categories. We will begin by checking whether wires, conduits, electrical boxes, and panels are working correctly. Fire hazards will be eliminated by inspecting electrical panels and wires.

 The wiring and installation process cannot proceed until all these elements are complete.

Second, there is a service inspection. A licensed inspector’s responsibility is to inspect the electrical service panel and ensure its proper installation and fastening.

 As part of this process, the inspector will also inspect the grounding. It is possible to cause an electric shock by improperly grounding a panel.

Lastly, there is the final inspection. Breakers placed or inspected during installation ensure the proper functioning of electrical systems.

 Inspectors may conduct many trials to ensure the electrical system is safe and effective.

Electrical Inspection: What You Need to Know

An electrical inspection may appear expensive at first, but adequately performed inspections can save you from potential dangers and significant expenses in the long run. Likewise, electrical inspections can be viewed as prevention rather than cure.

 Early detection of wiring problems or surge protection issues can save you a great deal of money.

Electrical code compliance is essential in the inspection process when purchasing a house, selling a home, or renovating a building. Electrical mishaps may result in overcharges or penalties if you do not perform proper checks and inspections in any of these areas.

A licensed electrician must conduct an electrical inspection in most cities and states. Your electrical review will be more successful if you have all the necessary information!

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