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May 30, 2022"

Everything You Need To Know About Electrical Panel Upgrades

A new electrical panel (upgraded) ensures that your Home will continue to receive a steady flow of electricity. You will not only eliminate the problems of flickering lights and burnt-out equipment, but you will also be able to add more equipment (appliances) without tripping your circuit breaker, blowing fuses, or damaging electrical appliances. On average, the electrical panel upgrades in Dallas has a life expectancy of 25 to 30 years, although, with the rapid development of technology, old panels are not large enough to meet the needs of today’s appliances.

What is An Electrical Panel?

Your electrical panel, also known as an electrical service or circuit breaker panel, provides an entry point for electricity to enter your Home. Once electricity reaches your Home from your supplier, your electrical panel serves the distribution system that controls, maintains, and distributes electrical power to the many circuits in your Home.

In addition to its role in distributing power in your Home, your electrical panel also serves as the first line of protection against dangerously high levels of electricity being delivered to your Home. Whenever the electrical current becomes too erratic or reaches dangerous levels, your circuit breakers are designed to return to the off position (stop current flow). This prevents overheating, melting, fire, and more electric hazards. In analogy, having an electrical panel upgrade is like installing a modern computer to monitor your Home for you.

Advantages of A Modern Electric Panel

  • Reduces the risk of an electrical fire.
  • Monitors and maintains old and new wiring
  • Detects faults in circuits/switches and more !!!

When Should I Change My Electrical Panel?

Wondering how to tell if your electrical panel needs to be updated? Here are a few warning signs that can give you a heads-up:

  • Your lights and other appliances have sudden drops in intensity: this could mean that connections are overloaded or that some wiring is faulty.
  • The presence of fuses: They are more difficult to handle and can cause electric shocks. Fuses are now replaced by circuit breakers.
  • Presence of corrosion on the electrical panel: This is very dangerous, and you should contact an electrician immediately. Rust indicates water infiltration that can alter electrical circuits.
  • Frequent short circuits: If you experience short circuits too often, it may indicate that the power of your panel may be too low.

Reasons Why You Should Change Your Fuse System

A fuse box uses fuses to stop the flow of electricity rather than using circuit breakers. The metal filament (in the fuse) is doomed to break whenever the electrical current flowing through the fuse reaches a certain level. This will prevent the electricity from continuing through that particular circuit.

One of the greatest dangers of fuse boxes is the temptation to replace them with oversized fuses after they break. Although this may give you a greater gap between replacements, it can lead to overloading the circuit.

Most fuse boxes have been designed to handle 30 to 60 amps of power, rather than the 100 to 200 amps that the average household needs today. This makes over sizing a fuse particularly dangerous. Your best and smart bet is to upgrade your electrical panel if you live in a house that is still fused.

We Are Here To Help!

Whether you need an electrical service upgrade due to an undersized electrical service, or a panel that is inherently unsafe, it is important to remember that the safety of both your Home, your family, and your valuable electronics are on the line.

An overloaded electrical system can be just as dangerous as one with known defects. Our many years of experience allow us to perform electrical panel upgrades quickly, efficiently, and, above all, very safely. When we upgrade a panel, we also perform a good upgrade of the grounding system and MORE. Contact us for your lighting upgrades in Plano, TX it will be our pleasure to guide you and help you with this work.

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