Electrical Pannel Upgrades in Dallas

May 30, 2022"

Hiring Expert for Electrical Panel Upgrades for Commercial Areas

You’ve decided to upgrade your electrical panel. Of course, that’s a smart move. And you’re hoping to handle the upgrade yourself. That’s not so smart if you’re not a professional electrician. Here are some of the reasons why you need an expert in electrical panel upgrades in Dallas, TX.

Safety: You need to consider the safety of your family, and the safety of your property. Wrong connections could start an electrical fire or cause electrocution. For instance, if the wires installed are not strong enough for the newly installed electrical panel, the wires could melt or burst into fire.

Oftentimes, it will cost you much more to fix an electrical mess than to hire an experienced contractor from the beginning. It’s needless to remind you that when it comes to electrical works, partial knowledge is worse than zero knowledge. You’ll only get the job done when you have 100% knowledge.

Knowledge of Electrical Codes: You probably don’t know the electrical codes in your location. And if you don’t know the codes, how will you be able to observe them? In case you’re not aware, violation of electrical codes is a huge crime. You could be fined heavily for it.

You Must be a Licensed Electrician To Work on Electrical Panels: Here in Texas, you need to be a licensed electrician to work on electrical panels. Hence, it’s a crime to handle electrical panels if you are not licensed, even if it’s your personal property. Fort Worth Electricians are subjected to a series of competency test before getting their license. So, it’s logical to assume that any electrician without a license isn’t competent.

There are Compatibility Issues Involved: Not every electrical element works with all electrical panels. And all the electrical elements like fasteners and connectors must be fully compatible with the newly installed panel. Do you have the knowledge? Do you know what brands work with each other? Can you also handle compatibility in terms of categories too? These are the professional decisions every electrician will make. Don’t start what you can’t finish.

Lower Cost of Items: Fort Worth electricians buy electrical items all the time and they’ll likely enjoy certain price concessions that you can’t get. That’s why they’ll always buy electrical materials and elements much cheaper than you’ll ever get them.

Warranty Retention: Many electrical panels and circuit breakers often come with limited or full warranties. And these warranties have different terms and conditions. If an unqualified technician tampers with an electrical panel, the warranty on it could be voided. So, to retain the warranty on the new electrical panel and some other electrical fittings, you should hire an electrician for electrical panel upgrades in Dallas.

Appropriate Wiring: Every electrical panel has its minimum wire capacity. You need to run wires that can work with the panel. If the wires are low in capacity, they could get overheated and begin to melt. The question is, do you know the category of wires that can work with different capacities of electrical panel? Maybe not.


To enjoy your new electrical panel with long-term peace of mind, and to also keep your warranties intact, try to hire a professional electrician for electrical panel upgrade in Dallas, Texas.

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