May 30, 2022"

Home Generators: 3 Reasons To Install One

In 2017, the greater Texas area experienced some of the worst weather on record. In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, temperatures have plunged below freezing twice, and landfalls have occurred twice. As a result, natural hazards can place you and your loved ones in a hazardous situation. As a result, it’s crucial to install a home generator as soon as possible.

The best way to ensure your energy security is to work with an expert company that installs home generators. Working with community members is a privilege for our experienced generator technicians.

Standby fully automated generators are always on; power outages in Texas are common during periods of ferocious, frigid weather or a heatwave. Additionally, this may be the most critical time for your home to have power. You might suffer severe consequences if you lose heat during a temperature drop or lose air conditioning in 100+ degree temperatures. Preventing unnecessary illness can be achieved by keeping children and the elderly comfortable. Standby generators will start almost immediately if the power goes out.

An entire house generator ensures that critical systems remain operational. We rely on electronic devices to maintain food, cook meals and work from home. Energy deficiency can cause not only an inconvenience but also financial losses. In addition to maintaining even more critical items, electricity also provides power to other devices. A family member needing a medical device could be fatal if there is a power outage. The average homeowner cannot afford to go without a standby generator because of the risk of loss of goods, work hours, and health problems.

Protect your home with a residential generator. Crime dominates the national news during blackouts or brownouts. There is a tendency for burglaries and looting to follow destructive weather patterns. The thieves will assume your home is empty if you avoid the weather and don’t turn on the lights. Nevertheless, a house generator can keep lighting by turning lights on and off. It is also essential to have power so your home security system can continue functioning. Knowing that your valuables and personal items are protected gives you peace of mind.

Let us assist you with your installation needs. You can rely on us for installation, generator repairs, and generator maintenance if you consider a residential backup generator. Contact Blessed Electric today to learn more about installation, financing, or a cost-effective service plan.

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