HVAC Cleaning

May 30, 2022"

HVAC Cleaning, Spring time cleaning!

Here are some critical HVAC maintenance tasks you shouldn’t forget

The spring season is a time for new beginnings, which includes HVAC Cleaning and your home from top to bottom. How come? When you neglect your unit’s maintenance, it could lose efficiency and have a shorter lifespan. For your HVAC system to run all season smoothly long, you should perform these six tasks as part of your seasonal routine.

Ensure your air filters are clean and replace them as necessary

Regularly checking and replacing your air filter are essential things you can do to maintain your Irving HVAC system. A dirty or clogged air filter reduces airflow. It makes your system work harder to circulate air, decreasing efficiency and increasing energy costs.

We recommend that you change your air filter every three months. Still, you may need to do so more frequently or less frequently, depending on the type of filter that you have and the environment in which you live.

HVAC Cleaning is essential for your unit to work efficiently for your home.

Make sure your vents and registers are clean.

A spring cleaning checklist should also include cleaning the vents and registers in your home. As dust and debris accumulate, they block airflow, making your system work harder.

Keeping your vents and registers clean is as simple as removing them from the wall or floor and vacuuming away dirt and debris. You may have to wash them with soap and water depending on how dirty they are.

Make sure your ductwork is in good shape.

Aside from cleaning your vents and registers, ensure your ductwork is free of leaks or other damage. A leaky ductwork system can reduce your system’s efficiency and introduce harmful pollutants into your home.

A professional Dallas HVAC contractor can inspect and repair your ductwork if you suspect a problem.
Make sure your outdoor unit is clean.

In addition to the indoor components of your Irving HVAC system, you should also take care of the outdoor unit.

Clean the area around the unit by removing any leaves, twigs, and accumulated dirt. Then, use a garden hose to spray down the unit and remove any grime that has built up. Before cleaning the unit, make sure it is disconnected from power!

Make sure your thermostat is working.

It would help to have a properly functioning thermostat to ensure your HVAC system works properly. Your thermostat can cause significant problems when it is outdated or not functioning correctly, such as decreased efficiency and uneven temperatures.

Get a professional Dallas HVAC contractor to check and replace your thermostat if it isn’t functioning correctly. You can even control the temperature in your home with a smartphone app on some newer models.

Get your HVAC system inspected by a professional

Last but not least, you should schedule a professional inspection of your HVAC system once a year call Blessed Electric to have a professional have a look. When you have a professional review done, they will identify potential problems before they become major repair issues, saving you time and money. During this time, duct cleaning is also a great way to remove debris, dust, and pollutants.

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