Common HVAC Problems

May 30, 2022"

Troubleshoot Common HVAC Problems: Keep Your Appliances Fit and Fine

All homes in and around Arlington have at least one HVAC Irving appliance working in their homes, whether heating or cooling. Our HVAC appliances keep us comfortable and cozy during extreme weather conditions, making them significant for alleviation.

However, excessive usage and low maintenance can reduce our HVAC appliances’ working efficiency. As the owners, we should understand that our HVAC appliances may be machines but need proper care and maintenance for high working efficiency. In such cases, the best way to take care of appliances is by contacting Irving HVAC appliance services.

Common HVAC Issues and Solutions

You should call your professional technician at least twice annually to service and maintain your HVAC Irving appliance. However, it does not mean you’ll have to rely on them completely for every minor inconvenience with your system. 

HVAC appliances are machines and might face some issues. Only a few problems require professional assistance, others can be fixed with some common knowledge and basic experience. You have reached the right spot if you need a quick guide to give you all details about frequent HVAC issues with solutions. Here is all you need to know about HVAC issues and their easy solutions:

Dirty air filters

Most Round Rock HVAC professional technicians call the air filters of the HVAC system its lungs. The air in your home and the warm or cold air in the HVAC system passes through the air filters. Air filters remove pollen, bacteria, viruses, and other unwanted microorganisms to maintain the air quality of your home.

Over time, dirt and dust clog the air filters. As a result, you may notice a decline in indoor air quality. You may also notice increased seasonal allergies if your family has any. The best solution is to change your air filters at least weekly to avoid dirt accumulation.

Thermostat issues

The thermostat detects your home’s temperature and determines the ideal temperature for your comfort. It controls your HVAC appliance and ensures it works to your comfort.

However, a thermostat may also malfunction if you do not call a Dallas HVAC professional technician to maintain it. A malfunctioning thermostat will not determine your home’s ideal temperature to keep you comfortable. You should contact your technician for its annual maintenance, or you can install a smart thermostat for more convenience. 

A smart thermostat allows you to control your HVAC systems even if you are outside. It reminds you of maintenance schedules and informs you of technical issues with itself or the system.

Wear and tear damage

Excessive usage with no maintenance can force the sensitive parts of the HVAC appliances to stop working or malfunction. You can take care of malfunctioning parts like the air filters and the registers, but you should contact a professional HVAC technician for serious damage.

Your technician may ask you to replace or repair the damaged part as per the system’s condition and your requirements. You should follow their advice and do accordingly for the best results and high comfort levels.

Tripped breakers and blown fuses

In some cases, if your HVAC appliance has to work harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, its breaker may trip, or its fuse may blow.

Factors like dirty air filters or blocked air vents can force the system to work harder to push or suck the air, leading to excessive energy consumption. In such cases, the fuse or breaker may break the circuit to protect the sensitive parts of the appliance from high energy flow. You can replace the breaker and fuse easily or contact a professional technician.

Unwanted noise

An efficient and maintained HVAC appliance should not make much noise when operating. Ideally, an HVAC appliance makes minimal to no noise when it works to maintain the peaceful environment of the house. However, if it makes a lot of noise, you should contact a professional to check the issue.

Your appliance can make different noises, like banging, hissing, clicking, and loud thumps. Different noises indicate different issues; only a professional Arlington HVAC technician can find the real cause and fix it. However, you can also check the insides of your appliance for unwanted foreign objects like leaves and twigs that may have entered.

Foul smells

Like low noise, an efficient HVAC appliance should not ruin the atmosphere of your home by giving out a foul smell. There is no reason an HVAC appliance gives off smells like rotten eggs or still water.

You should unclog the drain pipes of your appliance as bacterial growth can induce foul smells. Also, inspect your system for dead insects, as they may be the reason for the foul smell. 

HVAC Irving  Appliances for the Win

An HVAC appliance can cause you more problems than these if you do not put it in the experienced hands of a professional technician. If you are looking for an HVAC company that excels in servicing, repairing, and replacing HVAC appliances, DFW Electrician is your perfect partner. You can contact our skilled and trained DFW HVAC technicians to handle your HVAC issues with perfectionism and professionalism.

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