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May 30, 2022"

DFW Electrician, Is It Time to Hire One?

Why it may be time to hire a DFW electrician 

Do you have any experience with electricity-related problems at home? How did you resolve the issue? Have you searched Google or watched a YouTube video and tried to fix the problem yourself, OR have you called a licensed electrician? One thing for sure about electricity, it is that it is always challenging. Therefore, I want to issue a warning to those who are considering DIY electrical work. Attempting to solve an electrical issue is dangerous, and it can cause you to burn your fingers and even be lethal if you don’t have the knowledge and experience.

Furthermore, electrical DIYs are illegal and can jeopardize insurance claims since they can cause fires, leading to more extensive property damage. In the event of an electrical problem, what should you do? First, you should contact a licensed DFW electrician. With their advanced training and equipment, they will protect you from danger, tackle risky tasks, and save you from further problems. Professional electricians need at least four years of apprenticeship training before becoming licensed. That’s hours and hours of electrical experience. Besides that, they must also hold a license in the DFW area or the city where they work. You can learn more about what professional electricians can do here. Homeowner needs to understand when to call in an expert electrician near them when they see red flags. The following warning signs indicate that you need to hire an electrician:

Circuit breakers are frequently tripping.

A tripped circuit breaker is fine if it just happens now and then. Still, a tripped circuit breaker is another story if it keeps tripping. A shortage in wiring or too many high-power devices is usually responsible for overloading. In any case, you’ll need a licensed DFW electrician to upgrade the circuit breaker or repair some wiring. Ignoring this warning may result in an electrical fire!

Burnt smell that cannot be identified

If you can’t find the source of that persistent burning smell in one of your rooms, it’s coming from behind the walls. Various factors, including old wiring or short circuits, could cause this. If you can identify the unusual smell and trace it to an electrical outlet or fuse box, turn off the power immediately and call a professional. Furthermore, you notice any discoloration in your outlets besides the smell. In that case, burning behind your walls results in sparks or small fires. Again, it doesn’t matter whether you can identify the source; a burnt smell indicates the possibility of a fire igniting at any moment.

The main service panel shows signs of deterioration

The main service panel is the heart of your home’s electricity system. Any signs of deterioration or visible wear and tear, like rust, should prompt you to call your trusted electrician. The technician will be able to determine if your service panel requires repair or replacement.

The use of extension cords is excessive.

It is not recommended to use extension cords for an extended period. Having multiple extension cords, plugging them into power strips, or making them a permanent fixture in your rooms indicates that you need more outlets. Your family’s needs should select a room’s outlets. In areas where outlets are lacking, a licensed DFW electrician can install them. You will be able to provide additional outlets to your family and improve safety.

The outlet is hot or warm to the touch.

An outlet that is hot or warm is not a good sign. There is an overload in this case, or the wiring is bad. If you plug a device into an outlet, it will get warm only then. To properly assess the problem, you will need to call a DFW electrician.

Your house is old

Suppose you own a house built more than twenty years ago. It is, therefore, necessary to upgrade the electrical system. Your home was built with electrical standards that changed over time.

A flickering dimming light bulb or a light bulb that does not last

The LED light is terrific and energy-efficient and lasts longer than conventional lights. However, if your bulbs don’t last or are flickering, your socket or circuit might be the problem. Light bulbs can always be replaced, but that’s a temporary solution. To identify and solve the problem, you should call an electrician.

Are you moving to a new home?

You have just purchased your first home! Congratulations! However, before you move in or sign any paperwork, let a licensed DFW electrician inspect your home’s electrical system. In order to prevent any potential problems before moving into your new home, you can hire an electrician to assess your property and make recommendations, as well as repair or replace what is necessary. Therefore, your family is guaranteed to be safe.

You are frequently shocked (even by minor shocks).

When you turn on a light switch, do you get shocked? In most cases, electrical shocks will not cause pain immediately, but it’s important not to ignore them. It means that electricity is escaping from your circuit. There is also a possibility that it will escalate into a fire. So turn off the switch and call your electrician immediately rather than investigating the probable cause.

A rodent chews on a wire.

When rodents chew on your wiring, they can cause an electrical fire or system failure. Call in an electrician to assess the damage and provide a solution in addition to fixing your rodent problem (Call pest control!).

A sparking outlet

The sparking of outlets indicates electricity problems. Many reasons can cause the spark, including short circuits, negligence, water exposure, and old outlets. But first, make sure a certified electrician resolves the issue.

Electricity-related installations or repairs

You should never DIY anything related to electricity (except maybe changing a light bulb). It seems easy to watch YouTube videos, but installations are serious. Examples of these installations or repairs include:

  • Installing an electrical outlet.
  • Installing an intelligent home system.
  • Installing a new ceiling fan.
  • Repairing a light fixture.
  • Remodeling the home.
  • Installing whole-house surge protection.
  • Installing pool lighting.
  • Installing an electrical panel.

It may seem like you’re saving a few bucks, but in reality, you are making a risky move that could endanger your family. Moreover, it is illegal and non-compliant with building codes.

If you have any questions about electricity

If there’s anything you think should be added, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals in Round Rock. As a non-electrician, you are not qualified to handle possible electrical problems. Never wait; it is better to be safe than risk your life. In this modern age, we cannot survive without electricity, which is very useful. The dangers and complexity of electricity are relatively easy to overlook. Death and severe injury are possible as a result of it. Simple mistakes can have serious consequences.

To avoid electrical hazards, consult an electrician. Trust the professionals to keep your family safe. If you plan on hiring an electrician, ensure they have a valid license and ask for their specialty (i.e., if they specialize in residential homes). Remember to ask if they have liability insurance and a warranty when you set up a project.

Here at Blessed Electric and Air, we aim to make your home operate smoothly. Our basic times of operation span from Monday through Friday, 8 AM-7 PM, and Saturday from 8 AM-1 PM. Anytime after those hours will be looked at as an EMERGENCY SERVICE CALL. No matter how many services are performed, rates and charges go up.

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