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May 30, 2022"

Electrical Contractors in Dallas, Fort Worth, Burleson, and Surrounding Areas

At Blessed Electric and Air, we are one of the best electrical contractors in Fort Worth, TX, and we are not resting on our oars. We will continue to offer high-quality electrical services and also educate our current and prospective customers in Fort Worth, Dallas, Burleson, and surrounding areas.  That’s why we have answered some of the questions we frequently get.

An electrical outlet that I don’t use suddenly stopped working. Do I need to fix it?

Whether you use the electrical outlet or not, you need to fix it. Usually, when an electrical outlet suddenly stops working, it is a result of a bigger underlying issue. If you ignore it, there are chances that some other outlets will also stop working. One major cause of this kind of issue is a wiring problem.

Your wires may have deteriorated and they need to be changed. Another possibility is that a rat may have bitten off some parts of the wires that supply the outlet. Whatever the problem is, you need to get to the bottom of it. If not, it may get worse.

My home was built in the thirties. Do I need to upgrade my wiring?

If your home was built in the thirties, the chances are good that your wiring system isn’t properly grounded. Also, your electrical panel may be obsolete. It is necessary to hire experienced electricians to inspect the entire electrical system in your home and upgrade it.

Your old wiring may not be able to power heavy appliances. Don’t wait until your wires begin to melt before you upgrade them. The installation of surge protectors is another reason to get your electrical system properly grounded. Surge protectors send excess voltages to the ground system, and this only works if your ground wiring is effective. So, you need to upgrade your entire wiring as soon as possible.

Do I need a standby generator?

This depends on two factors:

  1. Do you have appliances that should never go off?
  2. Is your location prone to storms or other natural disasters?

Appliances like sump pumps and medical equipment should never go off. So, if you have any appliances like that at home, you may want to invest in a generator. Also, if your city is prone to storms, you’ll already know that storms come with power outages that could last for days. While some areas encounter a storm at least once every two years, other areas have never witnessed any storm in the past ten years.  So, if any of the two conditions holds true for you, it’ll be a good idea to install a standby generator.

Thankfully, we can install, service, and repair all kinds of generators. We’d like you to speak with us whenever you decide to purchase a generator.

Why do my lights go dim temporarily when I switch on an appliance?

One cause of this kind of electrical problem is the inappropriate electrical panel. When your electrical panel can no longer power all your appliances, your lights may dim up whenever you turn a powerful appliance on. Your breaker may also trip off.

Another cause of the problem is old wiring. This is a serious issue and we can’t proffer a solution until we are sure of the cause of the problem. Call the attention of your electricians to it, so they can get it fixed quickly.

Why do electrical fuses blow in my house often?

The only thing that can make an electrical fuse blow is overload. It means one or some of the circuits in your electrical system get overloaded too often. Maybe many of your heavy-duty units are plugged into a particular circuit when they should be distributed evenly.

Your electrician should inspect your electrical system, and re-plan its layout. Also, your electrical panel and wiring may need an upgrade.

Whenever you need reliable electrical panel upgrades in Dallas, TX we are just a call away from you. We can easily troubleshoot and fix any kind of electrical fault. We can also upgrade your wiring and electrical panel. Finally, we have the resources and wherewithal to installservice, and repair HVACs and air conditioners.

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