May 30, 2022"

Generators, And Their Overall Benefits

There are several benefits to owning and using a whole-home generator for your home and family, including:

Power backup: Your generator will supply electricity to your home within seconds of a power outage.

The generator will start up automatically, so there’s no need to start it and connect it.

  • You can start your generator automatically with an automatic transfer switch safety.

Providing year-round comfort: A whole-home generator can power all essential appliances, including heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, electric stoves, lights, TVs, emergency radios, and more.

Additionally, a standby generator can be fueled permanently from municipal natural gas lines, large propane tanks, or large diesel tanks, which reduces the necessity for manual refueling during lousy weather.

  • Unlike portable generators that frequently leak carbon monoxide, it requires no electrical wiring.

Replacement of a whole-house generator 

  • A whole-home generator, as with any piece of equipment with an engine, will eventually require replacement. Suppose your generator reaches the end of its service life. A breakdown may occur more frequently, engine problems may occur, or large loads may not run smoothly.
  • In an emergency, a generator replacement will ensure you have the backup power you need without worrying about breakdowns, power outages, or safety concerns. Contact Blessed Electric and Air today for a free quote and estimate today! Depending on your needs, we can recommend the best model for you and provide complete installation services.

If your generators need a repair, look for these signs

  • If you notice any of these problems with your standby generator, please call our experts:
    • A weak battery, fuel delivery issues, faulty ignition systems, or faulty starters can cause start-up problems.
    • A bogging engine results from a restricted fuel system, dirty air filter, weak spark, or an old engine.
    • The engine can stall with low oil levels, lousy fuel, overloading, or a faulty ignition system.
    • A generator that doesn’t produce power may have a faulty transfer switch, tripped breakers, or a defective power head.

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