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May 30, 2022"

Interesting Facts About Our Licensed Electrical Contractors in Austin, Fort Worth, TX and Nearby Cities

At Blessed Electric, we are one of the bestlicensed electrical contractors in Austin, Fort Worth, TX, and nearby cities. One reason why we are the best at what we do is that we hire only the best and most experienced electricians. There are certain interesting facts about our electricians and we will share the facts with you right away.

1. Our electricians are versatile

Believe it when we tell you that our electricians do much more than troubleshooting and fixing electrical issues. They are able to learn how to use sophisticated tools very fast. Also, they are logical thinkers because logical thinking is required for troubleshooting electrical faults.

They can examine and interpret blueprints. Although each of them can work individually, they are great team players. Even though we have a separate customer service team, all our electricians also possess great customer service skills. Finally, we have trained them to be able to deliver under pressure.

2.They follow standard safety protocols

You’ll agree that electricity is indispensable and dangerous. That’s why our electricians have been trained on safety. They have taken and passed several safety examinations. For their safety, your safety, and the safety of your property, our licensed electrical contractors in Austin will follow standard safety guidelines in all circumstances.  You can be sure that they will follow appropriate building codes for electrical installations.

3. The profession takes years 

You may not know that electricians take several years to master their job. In fact, it takes about 7 years to become a master electrician, and learning never stops for them. Our electricians are highly experienced. They have spent several years on the job. So, when you hire Blessed Electric, you don’t need to worry about experience. We’ve got it.

In spite of their skills and experience, we send them on training regularly because we are constantly looking for faster, cheaper, and more efficient ways at serving you. Besides, technology keeps advancing and more technology-driven equipment emerges every day. We are always the first to use the latest tools.

4. We do more than electrical works

At Blessed Electric, we install, service, and repair generators and HVACs, in addition to electrical works. We install and repair ceiling fans. Also, you can hire us for the installation of a digital thermostat. So, our electricians do much more than electrical work.

If you’re a building contractor handling several projects, we are your best bet. Instead of hiring separate companies for your electrical works and HVAC installations, you can hire us for both.

5. Our electricians take the color test 

Color blindness is a very serious medical condition because of our line of business. In wiring, the color-coded system is used to differentiate types of wiring. Unfortunately, anybody suffering from color blindness may not be able to understand the color-coding system.

To prevent a fatal mistake, we usually ensure that none of our electricians is color blind. That’s why we subject them to the color test. It is for your safety and theirs.

6. They are great at troubleshooting 

Remember that many electrical defects are usually hidden. And every fault has numerous likely causes. So, to get to the root of electrical issues, they’ll have to examine, diagnose, and evaluate them. This is where they need their logical reasoning skills.

We have made their job a lot easier by equipping them with the latest diagnostic tools. And we are proud to say that there has never been any electrical issue that we have not been able to fix.

If you need the best licensed electrical contractors in Austin, you’re on the right website. Give us a call right away. At Blessed Electric & Air, we offer the best electrical services at competitive charges. More importantly, our turnaround time is impressive. We will solve your electrical problems faster and better than any of our competitors.

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