Pool Safety

May 30, 2022"

Pool Safety, What You need to Know to Be Safe

Having fun in the sun is made more accessible by warm weather. The most popular summertime activity is a day at the pool with friends and family. To keep everyone safe, take a few simple steps for pool safety. Swimming pools and spas require you to ensure everyone’s safety, especially children. Safety devices must be installed, and proper water safety behaviors must be observed. In addition to installing pool and spa fences, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) suggests ensuring children know how to swim. Combining these safety strategies protects adults and children in and around water.

Read these safety tips to keep your family and friends safe:

  1. If your child is near a pool or spa, watch them closely. When more than one adult is present, designate one of them to protect the children for a specified time and then rotate. By using this method, lapses in supervision will be prevented.
  2. Keep children safe in the water and enroll them in swim lessons.
  3. Don’t allow children to play near pool drains, pipes, or other openings to avoid getting entangled.
  4. Keep your children from relying on toys such as water wings or noodles to keep them safe. Consider fitting your child with a personal floatation device (PFD) if they cannot swim.
  5. Always keep these items close to you while using a pool or spa: a portable telephone, a first aid kit, a flotation device, and scissors if you need to cut hair, clothing, or a pool cover.
  6. If a child goes missing, look for them in the spa or pool first.
  7. Ensure your family, friends, and neighbors know safety instructions.
  8. Become a proficient swimmer and teach your child the same.
  9. Become proficient in CPR on children and adults, and keep your skills updated.
  10. A five-foot or higher fence should surround your pool, and gates should be self-closing and self-latching.
  11. Spas should be equipped with lockable safety covers.
  12. Door alarms can serve as a fourth fence around a pool if your house is the fourth wall. On windows facing pools or spas, install window guards for additional protection.
  13. Make sure you have pool and gate alarms installed so you will know when your children go near the water.
  14. Ask your pool service provider if you need to know if your pool or spa has compliant drain covers.
  15. It is essential to keep your pool or spa cover in good condition. Whenever you notice defects, have them repaired if possible or replace them.

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