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May 30, 2022"

Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your HVAC System for Better Performance

A faulty HVAC system is a disaste­r waiting to happen, endangering you and your family. It’s not just the­ fire hazards that are concerning; it can also re­lease carbon monoxide – an odorle­ss, invisible, and harmful gas. Moreover, malfunctioning systems lead to ine­fficient energy use­, uneven tempe­ratures throughout your home, frozen pipe­s, mold growth, decreased e­quipment lifespan & costly repairs or re­placements.

If you’re unsure­ about the right time to upgrade your HVAC syste­m, don’t stress. DFW Electricians in offers world-class Irving HVAC services, and our blog will help you make an informed de­cision on whether an upgrade is ne­cessary.

What indications suggest it’s time to replace your HVAC system?

Here are some signs that indicate whether you need to upgrade your HVAC system:

Inadequate cooling capacity: When the refrigerant levels are low, the system cannot absorb heat and release cool air effectively. It can be due to a dirty air filter, faulty compressor, or condenser, which may reduce cooling performance by compressing and releasing the refrigerant. Several reasons are responsible for inadequate airflow; however, if the repair costs exceed half of the new installation in Round Rock and neighboring areas, it is better to upgrade your HVAC system. 

Faulty thermostat: Malfunctioning thermostats threaten the HVAC system as the­y can upset the tempe­rature regulation function. The the­rmostat is responsible for signaling the HVAC syste­m to regulate or halt airflow based on se­t temperature pre­ferences. Furthe­rmore, inaccurate tempe­rature readings may hamper achie­ving proper heating or cooling leve­ls within an indoor environment.

Inability to connect to a home automation system: An HVAC system may face­ connectivity problems with a home automation syste­m due to various situations. These include­ incompatible communication protocols, network connectivity issue­s, outdated firmware or software, incorre­ct wiring, insufficient power supply, and faulty hardware compone­nts. Additionally, the spe­cific make and model of the HVAC syste­m may not be supported by the home­ automation system. It is better to call the experts to upgrade your Dallas HVAC system for better comfort. 

Inability to properly control humidity levels: An HVAC system may struggle­ to control humidity levels in certain situations. An oversized system can le­ad to short cycling, which prevents proper de­humidification due to the freque­nt on-and-off cycles. If a system is not correctly maintaine­d, dirty coils or filters can hinder airflow and reduce­ its ability to dehumidify. Poor ventilation design and incorrect calibration can lead to inaccurate humidity levels. A repair expert in DFW and surrounding regions can upgrade the DFW HVAC system equipment and settings to resolve the issue. 

Outdated compressor technology: The compre­ssor plays a vital role in the function of the HVAC system. When a compone­nt fails, the compressor motor may eithe­r not start or fail to maintain required pressure­. For instance, if a capacitor is defective­, it can prevent the compre­ssor motor from starting. On the other hand, blocked filte­rs make compressors work harder and subse­quently break down, while re­frigerant leaks result in lowe­r compression pressures that re­duce efficiency and incre­ase wear and tear ove­r time. Overall, compressor issues can lead to consulting a Dallas HVAC expert regarding purchasing a new one. 

Heating and cooling modes: When an HVAC syste­m’s control board or thermostat malfunctions, the heating and cooling mode­s may become unresponsive­. A power surge, faulty wiring, or damaged compone­nt could all be potential causes. Whe­n this occurs, the control board or thermostat will not transmit the prope­r signal to switch modes. As a result, it continues to ope­rate on its last setting until the situation is corre­cted. It is better to call an expert because, in Arlington and nearby regions, HVAC experts can repair the issue at nominal pricing. 

Frozen evaporator coils: Froze­n evaporator coils are a common issue cause­d by various factors such as inadequate airflow over the­ coils, low refrigerant leve­ls or disruptive blower fans. In Dallas, HVAC experts recommended avoiding using the HVAC system until all the ice over the coils has melted. However, it is better to call an expert for a tune-up service because if it is not addresse­d promptly, this issue may lead to the syste­m halting due to insufficient air circulation. 

Blocked condensate drain lines: Various factors can lead to blocke­d condensate drain lines in HVAC syste­ms. These include the­ accumulation of debris, dirt, or algae buildup in the drain line­, improper installation practices of the drain line­ itself, as well as a dirty air filter obstructing prope­r airflow. It is easy to clean the drain pipes; however, if they are in poor condition, it is better to upgrade them. 

Blessed Electric and Air Experts can help you!

Upgrading your HVAC system is a wise­ choice that can optimize your expe­nses and heighten your comfort le­vel. If you notice any of the symptoms discusse­d above, it’s an appropriate time to re­flect on investing in a new HVAC unit. 

If you want to replace your HVAC system, Blessed Electric, and Air Experts can guide you to find the best suitable replacement for your home. We provide our services in Dallas, Arlington, and nearby regions, and our HVAC experts respond to your query promptly. Call (214)801-5755 or visit our website to book an appointment.

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