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May 30, 2022"

Things Electrical Contractors in Fort Worth Want You to know

As one of your mainelectrical contractors in Fort Worth, TX, and nearby cities, there are certain things we want you to know. If you act on these things, you’ll keep our job easier and straightforward. In this article, we will discuss the things one after the other. They are mostly precautionary tips.

1.Always turn small breakers off before the main one

If you need to troubleshoot or fix an electrical problem that requires you to switch off the breakers, don’t switch off the main one before the smaller ones. You could damage some electrical appliances that way. It is safer to turn off the smaller breakers first before the main breaker. You’ll have reduced the amount of current flowing into the main breaker tremendously before switching it off.

2.Don’t leave your appliances in standby mode

Many of our customers in Fort Worth had asked us to check for power leakage because of high energy bills. One of the causes of a spike in power consumption is leaving electrical appliances in a standby mode. Contrary to what you may have heard, electrical appliances consume power even in standby mode. And when you turn them on, they’ll consume another huge burst of energy to wake up.

On that note, you should always switch off appliances that are not in use. Don’t just switch them off, you need to unplug them from power outlets too.

3.Not every white wire is neutral

Ideally, every white wire should be neutral, while every black wire should be live. Unfortunately, it is not always like that in reality. Over the years, you’ve had different electricians work on your electrical system and the code may have been changed. So, don’t just assume that all the white wires are neutral. Test each of them before you conclude.

4.Overhead power lines are not insulated

Overhead power lines are usually not insulated. Avoid letting anything come in contact with them. The fact that birds perch on them does not mean they are insulated. A circuit cannot be completed on birds. That’s why they can stay on power lines without being electrocuted. Don’t copy them.

5.It is always smart to call an electrician for every electrical issue 

Of course, we agree that there are small electrical faults that homeowners should be able to handle on their own without calling electricians. At the same time, it is better to call an electrician than engage in trial and error. Don’t let your friends or neighbors taunt you for calling an electrician for simple issues.

If you decide to handle it yourself and things go wrong, the same set of people will blame you for not calling a certified electrician. When it comes to electrical issues, do not take risks. A wrong move could cause an electrical fire or electrocution. There are several electricians and electrical contractors in Fort Worth that you can call.

6.Low voltages are dangerous too 

We understand that low voltage isn’t as dangerous as high voltage, but it can sill wreak havoc. So, in your own interest, don’t take low-voltage appliances for granted. Approach it with care. Do you know that a mild shock from a low-voltage appliance can startle you and make you lose your balance and fall? What if it happens while you’re on a ladder? It could be a serious accident.

7.Know your limits 

Although we encourage people to learn how to do some things themselves, but we also implore them to know their limits. Electricity is a dangerous water to navigate. Don’t go too far. Remember, every community in Texas has its electricity codes. Violating these codes could land you in jail, and ignorance is not an excuse.

8.Every electrical fault will get worse

No electrical fault will solve itself. When you notice any problem in your home, don’t sleep on it or wait it out. The problem is likely to have a bigger underlying issue that could get worse quickly. For instance, if you notice that a particular power outlet in your home isn’t working, get it fixed as soon as possible. It could be a wiring problem.

For any electrical problem, you can contact us immediately. If it is a simple issue, our in-house electricians will walk you through the resolution path on the phone. And if it is a more complex problem, we’ll hit the road immediately.

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