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May 30, 2022"

Top 5 reason Electrical Safety Inspection is Worth Every Penny

Every electrician in Cedar Park will always recommend a regular electrical safety inspection for several reasons. And it is rather unfortunate that many homeowners don’t understand the importance of this inspection until the unthinkable happens. Many cases of electrical fire and electrocution could have been easily avoided.

Well, an electrical safety inspection may come at a cost, but electrical issues will cost you much more. Consider some of the benefits of an electrical safety inspection below.

1. Safety of Life and Property

Burning wires or other electrical fittings could start an electrical fire. You already know that the most difficult kind of fire to put out is an electrical fire. And if the fire is not quickly extinguished, it could lead to the burning of property and even humans can get injured.

In some cases, this damaged electrical fitting can also cause electrocution. The silver lining in the situation is that a regular safety inspection can help you detect and avert electrical disasters waiting to happen. It will keep your home, family, and properties safe. Of course, the safety of your family is priceless.

2. Moderate Power Consumption

Electricians in Cedar Park have discovered that many homes consume more power than they should consume because their electrical systems aren’t working efficiently. And many of them are not aware of it. In fact, there’s a client who noticed this kind of an anomaly when he traveled out of the city with his family for 7 days.

To his surprise, the 7-day break in electricity consumption didn’t reflect in his energy bill for the month. He initially thought the problem was his electrical meter. We later discovered that there was a bridge in the electrical system in his home and he had been paying 25% more than the actual consumption.

Are you sure you’re not also paying more bills than you consume? Hire an electrician in Cedar Park for a thorough inspection today.

3. Saving on Cost

Short circuits are common in an inefficient electrical system, and they often damage electrical appliances. What makes this worse is that most warranties do not cover damages from inappropriate voltage. The high voltage could even fry your electrical appliances beyond repairs. That’s why the inspection of your electrical system can save you a lot of costs.

4. Prevention of Litigation

If you live in a condo, and an electrical fire starts from your apartment, it could quickly spread to other apartments. And if you’re found to be negligent with your electrical system, you may face a series of lawsuits from the occupants of the other touched apartments. Remember, not inspecting your electrical system is negligence on your part.

The case may be worse if your connection violates the electrical codes in your location. And you may not be aware of all these issues. Save yourself a lot of problems by ordering an electrical safety inspection for your home now. Inappropriate wiring or electrical installation is a time bomb waiting to explode, and every second counts.

​​​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to get my house inspected?

This best time is today! Danger may be closer than you can imagine. When it comes to electrical problems, the delay is dangerous and every second counts.

My home seems safe and fine. Do you think an inspection is necessary?

Yes, it is necessary. The electrical systems in many homes usually seem fine until a disaster occurs. Besides, you can’t be sure your system is running efficiently until you get it inspected.

How often should I order an electrical safety inspection for my home?

We advise that you get your electrical system inspected at least once every year.

For more information, contact Blessed Electric. We are your go-to electrician in Cedar Pa

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