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May 30, 2022"

What are 5 Hvac Troubleshooting Tips that Every Homeowner Should Know

HVAC systems are an integral part of your home’s comfort. The HVAC systems we have today are much more efficient than they were in the past, which means they require less energy to operate properly. However, it also means homeowners need to learn new tricks in order to troubleshoot their HVAC system. This blog post provides 5 HVAC troubleshooting tips that every homeowner should know!

1. When your HVAC system is running too hot

Check the filter, they may be dirty, or the time to replace them has come . If not, then check any vents that may be blocked by furniture and unblock them. Your HVAC system should work more efficiently once you remove all of these obstructions. Note: a dirty filter can also cause your system to overcompensate in its effort to cool down the air, which will make things worse than they were before! So, replace (change) your HVAC filters according to the manufacturer guide (manual)!

2. When your HVAC system is running too cold? 

If there are no obvious airflow problems (i.e., everything seems clear), then try setting the thermostat as high as you like and see if that helps warm the room.

If you are still not happy with the temperature, look for any error codes or other indicators of problems on your thermostat and have it fixed quickly by a professional.

3.When there is an odor? 

Sometimes odors come from mold or dirt that has accumulated in the vents and air ducts; a plumber or licensed HVAC services technician can easily clean this up. If not, they will likely have solutions such as installing new heating/cooling equipment, which can resolve any issues with unpleasant smells. The smell could also originate from pets.  If the smell is coming from your home (inside your home), it may be time to open windows and/or doors for a few hours.

4. When there is too much humidity? 

The first thing you should check is whether (or not) your air conditioner filter needs changing. In addition, determine whether (or not) any vents are blocked by furniture (causing wetness on walls and floors). If none of these hints seem to work out, Contact a licensed HVAC technician.

5. When you have a clogged air filter 

A clogged filter can force the unit to work harder and shorten its life. The accumulation of dirt and debris also affect the airflow in the home, so it is important to clean your HVAC filters frequently. For most cases, a simple cleaning with water should do the trick.

Drip some dish soap on the filter and scrub it repeatedly in circular motions until you see soapy bubbles coming out from its surface.

These are some of the most important things to know about troubleshooting an HVAC system – no matter what type they may be. And remember: whenever you are unsure of your home’s heating and cooling needs, consult a licensed professional HVAC Repair in Burleson, TX who is familiar with these systems! He or she can help you get things back on track and maintain your system for many, many years.

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