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May 30, 2022"

What You Should Do If Electrical Outlet Not Working but Breaker Not Tripped

As an electrician in Georgetown, one of the common electrical faults that our clients call us for is an outlet that stops working while the breaker doesn’t trip. There are several reasons why an electrical outlet can suddenly stop working. What to do depends on the cause of the problem.

Sometimes, you just need to reset your breaker and the faulty outlet will start working. But if it doesn’t, it means the issue is a more serious one. Below are the common causes of the problem, and what to do to fix each of the problems.

1. Your GFCI Tripped Off

Not many people know how GFCIs work. These devices respond when a current strays from its appropriate path. To prevent an electric shock and to prevent your electrical appliances from getting damaged, a GFCI will shut the power to the outlet off. And when this happens, even if the circuit normalizes, power will not be restored in the outlet automatically. You have to press the reset button on the GFCI. If you have a GFCI outlet, this may be the reason it’s not working. Press the reset button and see what happens.

2. The outlet may be burned

If you plug in an electrical appliance that is too powerful for an outlet, it (outlet) may get overheated and melt inside. It will no longer work. And your circuit breaker may not trip. One major sign of this kind of problem is the distinct smell of burned wire. You don’t even have to place your nose close to the outlet before you perceive the smell.

Improper wiring and the installation of a wrong outlet are the main causes of this kind of problem. Wires and outlets are in different categories. The kind of appliance you want to power will determine the category of wire and outlet to install. This is one of the reasons to hire a reputable electrician in Georgetown for wiring and electrical installations. They know the appropriate categories of wires and outlets for every piece of equipment.

The only solution to this issue is to replace the burned wires and damaged outlet. If you did the installation yourself the first time, you should hire a professional to fix it up this time.

3. Damaged Wires

Damaged wires are a very common electrical problem in the United States because many houses were built several decades ago. And the wires used can no longer power the heavy-duty equipment in the homes. The wires may start to deteriorate. If the wires pack up, the outlets they feed won’t work. The power supply to the outlets will cease.
This is a pointer to the fact that you may need to upgrade your entire wiring and electrical system if your house is more than 20 years old. The only solution is to wire your home again. At Blessed Electric & Air, before we fix any electric issue, we do a comprehensive inspection of the entire electrical system. Many electrical problems are a result of deeper electrical problems.

4. Some Connections May Be Loose

Over time, even well-installed electrical fittings get loose. When this happens, it could cause partial connection and a cut in power supply to some outlets. This kind of problem may seem simple, but it is dangerous. An outlet that’s not working may still have current running through it. That’s why you have to handle it with care. Don’t just rush to touch it. Besides, you may not be able to detect where the disconnection lies.


The first thing to do to resolve the issue of a dysfunctional outlet is to reset the breaker. If that does not solve the problem, the next smart step to take is to hire an experienced electrician in Georgetown to troubleshoot, inspect, and fix the problem.

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