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May 30, 2022"

Why Should Your Home Possess a Backup Generator in Arlington?

Whether you believe it or not, electricity has become one of the basic necessities of life. Why? Most of the appliances that make your home comfortable and homely are powered by electricity. You name it – the TV set, microwave, cooling and heating units, fans, lighting, water heater, freezer, refrigerator, toaster, blender, laptops, smartphones, or even your video game consoles. They are all powered by electricity. And the emergence of electric cars has increased the dependence on power. You should always possess a backup generator at home.

Imagine what will happen if your heating unit stops working for a few hours in winter. Yeah, it’s better imagined. Unfortunately, cases of power outages have become more frequent in Texas and several states in America. It is often caused by natural disasters. Sometimes it takes a few hours and other times, it takes a few days.

You can’t prevent a power outage from happening but you can ensure that your house never runs out of electricity even amidst a serious power failure. One way to achieve this is by installing a backup generator. If you’re still skeptical about getting a generator for your home, check out all the reasons listed below.

1. It ensures the power supply

Your backup generator will kick in immediately the grid power goes out. In fact, the transition is so fast that you may not notice it, except for the sound of the generator. That way, you won’t miss any part of your favorite TV show. And if you are cooking when the power goes out, the generator will prevent your food from getting ruined.

2. It saves cost

Imagine how much money you’ll lose if a protracted power outage occurs a few hours after filling your fridge with new groceries and dairy products. All your vegetables, eggs, milk, fish, chicken, and whatever you have in your refrigerator and freezer will perish. The good news is that the loss can be avoided.

3. It prevents a power surge

Power surges often occur after a power outage, and it can damage your electrical appliances. A power outage can also cause an electric fire. However, a standby generator can prevent it. Once it senses an abnormal voltage, it will switch your home back to the generator in a twinkle of an eye. You may not even notice the magic.

4. It boosts security

Your exterior lighting will be of no use if a power outage occurs in the night. And some unscrupulous elements could take advantage of the situation to burgle your home. With a generator in place, it may never happen. When power goes out, the generator will take over automatically.

5. It protects your business

These days, working from home has become the new normal. So, a lot of people have their offices in their homes. A sudden power failure could make you lose your data or files. And it could take you several hours to prepare the file again. If you’re installing a software and power goes out, you may have to begin the installation from scratch. That will amount to a complete waste of data.

6. It gives peace of mind

Even if you go on a business trip, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that a power outage will not make your family uncomfortable. In fact, you can even operate and monitor some standby generators remotely. Back-up generators are cheaper and easier to maintain than you may think. At Blessed Electric and Air, we have several teams of Dallas electricians, Arlington electricians, Round Rock electricians, and Irving electricians that will install and maintain your generator at moderate costs.


Why not contact us to find out the best backup generator for your home and what the costs will be?

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