Pool Safety, What You need to Know to Be Safe

Having fun in the sun is made more accessible by warm weather. The most popular summertime activity is a day at the pool with friends and family. To keep everyone safe, take a few simple steps for pool safety. Swimming pools and spas require you to ensure everyone’s safety, especially children. Safety devices must be installed, and proper water safety behaviors must be observed. In addition to installing pool and spa fences, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) suggests ensuring children know how to swim. Combining these safety strategies protects adults and children in and around water.

Read these safety tips to keep your family and friends safe:

  1. If your child is near a pool or spa, watch them closely. When more than one adult is present, designate one of them to protect the children for a specified time and then rotate. By using this method, lapses in supervision will be prevented.
  2. Keep children safe in the water and enroll them in swim lessons.
  3. Don’t allow children to play near pool drains, pipes, or other openings to avoid getting entangled.
  4. Keep your children from relying on toys such as water wings or noodles to keep them safe. Consider fitting your child with a personal floatation device (PFD) if they cannot swim.
  5. Always keep these items close to you while using a pool or spa: a portable telephone, a first aid kit, a flotation device, and scissors if you need to cut hair, clothing, or a pool cover.
  6. If a child goes missing, look for them in the spa or pool first.
  7. Ensure your family, friends, and neighbors know safety instructions.
  8. Become a proficient swimmer and teach your child the same.
  9. Become proficient in CPR on children and adults, and keep your skills updated.
  10. A five-foot or higher fence should surround your pool, and gates should be self-closing and self-latching.
  11. Spas should be equipped with lockable safety covers.
  12. Door alarms can serve as a fourth fence around a pool if your house is the fourth wall. On windows facing pools or spas, install window guards for additional protection.
  13. Make sure you have pool and gate alarms installed so you will know when your children go near the water.
  14. Ask your pool service provider if you need to know if your pool or spa has compliant drain covers.
  15. It is essential to keep your pool or spa cover in good condition. Whenever you notice defects, have them repaired if possible or replace them.

Here at Blessed Electric and Air, we aim to make your home operate smoothly. Our basic times of operation span from Monday through Friday, 8 AM-7 PM, and Saturday from 8 AM-1 PM. Anytime after those hours will be looked at as an EMERGENCY SERVICE CALL. No matter how many services are performed, rates and charges go up.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Electric Work

Many homeowners get excited to make the trip to the home improvement store, research some DIY tutorials on YouTubeTM, and roll up their sleeves to make their dream home come true due to the popularity of Do It Yourself (DIY) home improvement shows. Home improvement projects that include electrical work are rarely a positive experience for DIYers since DIY electrical work is never a good idea. The following are some reasons why:

  • Electrical DIY Can Be Dangerous
  • Performing electrical work wrong can result in electrocution of yourself or others within your home, which can be fatal. Suppose faulty wiring is combined with combustible materials like wood and drywall. In that case, severe fires can endanger you, your family, and your neighbors.
  • The long-term costs may exceed the short-term benefits
  • We commonly receive calls and emails from customers who have started a DIY electrical project to save money, only to run into problems. Licensed electricians will need to remove the incorrect wiring before troubleshooting begins. As a result, the project can take longer (and cost more) than it usually would.
  • DIY electrical does not comply with the electrical code
  • Electrical work is subject to stringent regulations. Our electricians are highly trained and knowledgeable about NFPA 70® and National Electrical Code® (NEC®). We consistently receive praise from inspectors about the quality of our work. In the future, if your DIY electrical work does not meet current electrical codes, you may have problems reselling your home and will not be able to get homeowner’s insurance.

It’s Dangerous to Do It Yourself

Electric systems are costly and dangerous to attempt to DIY. It is different for every DIY project. One of the most significant risks of DIY electrical projects is overheating circuits and catching fire. There is a possibility that circuit overheating, sparks, and fires can result from faulty connections, wire gauges, and other amateur mistakes.

Here’s the good news –Blessed Electric can help! No matter your electrical project size, we can provide you with a quote.

The Most Lucrative 8 Qualities in a Residential Electrician

You probably have some electrical works in your home and you’re looking to hire a good residential electrician. You want the best electrician in Texas, but you don’t know how to hire one. You’re definitely on the right page. You’ll learn what to look for in an electrician here.

Here are 8 things to consider when hiring a residential electrician:

1. Start by asking for reference

A good electrician is distinguished by their top-notch services. That’s why you should ask your friends, colleagues, family members, and anyone you know that recently used the service of an electrician. They should not only refer you to their electrician, but also let you know what they like about the service of the electrician.

This way, you’ll get the contacts of some good electricians. In other words, reference and positive reviews are some of the qualities to look for in an electrician. DFW electricians seem to be one of the best electricians in Texas, and we have wonderful reviews from clients. You may want to try us out.

2. Being licensed is important

Another thing to ask your electrician is their license. Even an unlicensed electrician will claim to have a license. This is why you should endeavor to see a copy of their license in your own interest. Remember, it is a crime to operate as an electrician without a license and it is also a crime to hire an electrician that is not licensed. With DFW electricians, you don’t have to worry about their licensure status because we are licensed to serve Texas.

3. Choose an insured electrician

For two reasons, you should hire only an insured electrician. If you’re being served by an insured electrician and an accident occurs, and one or some of the electricians get injured, their insurance company will foot the medical bills.  If you mistakenly hire an electrician that’s not insured, you’ll be liable for their medical bills.

Another reason to hire an insured electrician is that if any of your appliances or a part of your property gets damaged during electrical works, you’ll be duly compensated by the insurance company of your electrician. But if your electrician isn’t insured, you’ll be on your own. You may have to file a lawsuit to get the electrician to fix the damages. At this juncture, it is necessary to let you know that DFW electricians are fully insured. Hiring us will give you additional peace of mind.

4. Experience matters too

Only highly experienced electrical contractors can offer the best services. That’s why you should ask to know how experienced your electrician is. It is preferable to hire an electrician with at least 3 years’ experience gathered from serving Texas cities. It might interest you to find out that DFW HVAC technicians and DFW electricians have been offering top-notch services to the residents of Texas for several years. We are highly experienced.

5. Do they offer 24-hour services?

This matters too. You need an electrician or HVAC expert that is available 24 hours a day. What if your HVAC breaks down in the night? You don’t have to wait till morning to get it fixed. That’s why you need an electrician that provides 24-hour services. This is one of the hallmarks of DFW electricians and DFW HVAC technicians. Even if the electrical problem occurs at 2am, you can contact us immediately and we’ll hit the road instantly.

6.Knowledge of your electrical code

Every city has its electrical code. The electrical code is a set of regulations that must be followed in wiring and electrical installations. The main goal of an electrical code is the safety of all involved. And different communities have different electrical codes. So, you need an electrician that understands the electrical code in your community very well.

7. Great turnaround time

We all want the electrical problem in our homes fixed as quickly as possible. And this is understandable. Electricity is very important in homes. Most of the appliances that make our homes more homely are powered by electricity. Therefore, every electrical problem comes with a certain degree of discomfort. When it comes to fixing electrical problems, every second counts.

That’s why you must find out the average turnaround time of your electrician. That’s where we are head and shoulders above the rest. DFW electricians are trained to deliver speedy solutions. With our state-of-the-art equipment and wealth of experience, we can easily get to the root of every electrical problem and proffer the most cost-effective solutions.

8. Good reputation

It is also necessary to do your due diligence. When you decide on the electrician to hire, it’s necessary to search on Google for some reviews about them. Once you don’t find negative reviews about them, you’re good. On the other hand, if you see more than three bad reviews from different people, you may have to look for another electrician. We are proud to say you won’t find negative reviews about us – Blessed Electric & Air. We always put our customers first and we serve them with honesty. Most importantly, our rates are highly competitive.


We believe that the best time to search for an electrician is now. If a serious electrical problem arises in your home, you’ll be focused on getting it fixed as quickly as possible. You may not be able to check for all the qualities listed above. In fact, in that situation, you’re likely to hire the first electrician whose contact you stumble on. And you may end up in wrong hands. So, you should begin your search for a residential electrician now. In the alternative, since DFW electricians meet all the requirements discussed above, why not contact us today?

Electrician In Georgetown: 24/7 Electrical Repair

The electrical installation of a house or a business is not something you can do yourself without having a minimum of technical knowledge. Creating the electrical diagram is not as simple as replacing a light bulb, and it is better to avoid any risk. Electricity requires specific expertise and the right electrical equipment. Therefore, it is in your best interest to hire an electrical contractor in Pflugerville for your electrician services.

Why hire an Electrician In Georgetown?

This general electrical specialist handles the design, installation, and repair of domestic and commercial electrical installations. When building a residence, he works closely with the Interior Designers or Home Builders to create an electrical circuit with all the required electrical wiring for your project. He will make sure that your installation meets all electrical standards for a house.

When doing electrical renovations, he can carry out upgrades and repairs to the existing electrical system. For example, he can change grounded outlets, install dimmer switches for lamps and replace the electrical panels in your home. They can also provide tips on how best to reduce your electricity bill to save on energy costs. Many electrical contractors and electrical businesses also offer electrical troubleshooting services, including emergency interventions in the event of a breakdown.

With today’s technological needs and developments, many electrical contractors are able to lay optic fibers and coaxial cables for any electronic equipment. They may be able to design and install data-sharing systems or security devices such as alarms. Some contractors specialize in certain elements, such as low voltage appliances, HVAC Services(Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning), etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

Questions to ask when choosing a licensed electrical contractor in Georgetown:

  • What experience do you have in the field? How long has your company been in business?
  • How many projects like mine have you worked on?
  • Who will be working on this project?
  • Are your workers employees of your electrical company or subcontractors?
  • Can I see examples of your previous projects?
  • What training have you received? What certification have you obtained?
  • Can you provide me with references?
  • Do you have a license and permit? What about your employees?
  • How much do you charge for your service? What is included in your bid?
  • What is the hourly rate for an electrical contractor?
  • Can you provide me with a written electrical estimate? Can you provide me with an example of an electrical estimate? Can you give me an estimate of the price of electrical work?
  • What services do you offer?
  • Who will be responsible for any damages caused during the work?
  • How will the material be charged?
  • Who will be in charge of the electrical equipment?
  • What are the deadlines for the work?
  • What happens if the costs are higher than the budget in terms of material changes and labor costs?
  • What do I need to provide?
  • Are there any critical points to anticipate, in your opinion?

Different services offered

Here are most of the services offered to you:

Electrical Troubleshooting

An electrical failure can happen to anyone at any time. The possible causes of the breakdown are multiple. That is why it is necessary to carry out a thorough diagnosis of the installation before starting the electrical renovation. Our electrical contractors will research the reasons for your electrical failure and present you with the best options for all your repair work, depending on the problem you are experiencing.

Restoring Your Electrical System

After analyzing the cause of the electrical problem, we will implement the necessary repairs to get your power back on ASAP. We also take care of the commissioning.

Upgrading to Standards

Among the services of a professional electrician in Georgetown, you will find restoration to standards (Upgrades). This can be total or partial, depending on your situation. The partial restoration of electrical standards means making minor adjustments such as changing outlets or switches. As for the full service, it is a replacement of the entire electrical system from the panel to the sockets and cables. This restoration to safety standards is based on pre-established plans. The work begins when the power is completely cut off and ends only when all the connections are made, and all the installations are grounded.

All Electrical Failures

If you have any kind of electrical failure, we intervene. This can concern the following items:

  • A short circuit.
  • An electric hot plate.
  • A defect of insulation.
  • An outdated installation.
  • A defect of lighting or luminaries.
  • The intercom.
  • Your electric gate.
  • The electrical panel.
  • An electrical outlet.
  • The electric shutters.
  • The electric heating.
  • A circuit breaker.
  • The alarms.
  • The air conditioning.
  • And More!!

Other services offered by an Electrician

We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of our customers in the field of electricity. Whether you need to optimize the comfort of your home, make adjustments or increase the electrical power, you can rely on our experience in the field of electricity and our know-how.

Among the other services we offer, you can find:

  • The installation of electrical panels. Your electrical panel will be installed in compliance with current standards and taking into consideration the electrical consumption needs of your home.
  • The works of electrical installation of sockets. Whether it is a new house or a renovation, we take care of the installation of new sockets, taking into account the electrical diagram. We also offer the installation of heating.
  • The wiring or connection of your home.
  • General electrical work. And more!!!!!

Our electrical company offers emergency services. No matter the kind/type of electrical repairs you need or what kind of power failure you have, our electricians are at your disposal in Georgetown 24/7.

This breakdown service allows you to benefit from a qualified electrician as soon as possible. Your request will be treated by a member of the team who will remain your interlocutor during all the period of the electricity breakdown service. We repair and modify your electrical installations. We also try to find the fault in the electrical network in order to perform the necessary repairs.

Types of Electrical Repair Services

Many people do not realize that electrical repairs can include more than just fixing the wiring in their house, and it is important to know what types of service you need before calling for help. They include Equipment Repair, Home Wiring Service, and more.

Read on to learn more about each type, so you know which one is best for your home or business.

1. Equipment Repairs Services

This type of service focuses on repairing equipment that is no longer working due to a power surge or other problem. They can also fix any wiring issues present in the equipment so that it is safe to use again. For example, they might replace an air conditioner thermostat!

 2.Solar Power Installation

If you want an environmentally friendly source of electricity around your home, then solar power is what you should look into. Moreover, many specialists (electrician) focus their whole business on this – making sure homeowners get the most out of solar power for their home. These professionals can install panels, connect them to the grid and then teach you how to use them! They can even give you advice on what kind of system would work best for your house!

 3. Preventative Maintenance

When an electrician performs this type of service, they make sure that your system is operating at its best and prevents future problems from occurring. A professional will perform routine inspections and replace parts when necessary.

4. Installation of Electrical panels

Adding rooms to your home may require the installation of a new breaker panel (Electrical panels) as the electrical needs will increase accordingly. Buying an older home requires an inspection of the electrical panel, as it may not be properly sized for the use of all modern equipment: computers, charging stations, USB ports, etc.

5. Light Fixtures and Switches installation

In order to install outlets, appliances or switches, it is necessary to follow certain rules, especially with regard to their location (height, support, proximity to other elements such as plumbing).

6. Outdoor Lighting installation and maintenance

This can be anything from porch lights to decorative lighting. Custom lighting with specific objectives and requirements usually requires the intervention of an experienced professional.

7. Installation of Large or new appliances

For reasons of convenience, time, and safety, all major appliance installations and projects should be handled by professionals. For example, if you want to switch from a gas stove to an electric stove, an electrician must wire the home to handle the added load and ensure that the outlets are properly installed. The cost of these types of projects and time can vary considerably, which is why it’s a good idea to detail them as much as possible when requesting quotes.

Your licensed electrical contractor will also install a home security system with motion detectors, cameras, fire alarms, and more so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your family’s safety is always being monitored. This means less chance for intruders or thieves to sneak in without anyone noticing.

The most common electrical Problems

Not all electrical problems are life-threatening, but you should deal with them as soon as possible to minimize your risk. Here are some electrical problems you may encounter in your home:

Short circuit

This occurs when you have too many appliances plugged into an outlet. The wiring along that line can’t handle the load, and the circuit breaker goes into the off position. A quick fix is to unplug the equipment and reset the breaker switch. However, if you need more power, you should contact an electrician to replace your breaker box to meet the increased demand.

Redundant wiring

Some DIYers install their own electrical systems, making changes without removing the old wiring. A light fixture that has been moved may be wired correctly, but if the old wires have not been removed, they could be a fire hazard to your walls or ceiling. Removing the old wiring requires going through the wall, locating the redundant wires, and physically removing them.

Heated or Sizzling Switches

This dangerous situation requires immediate intervention. Diagnosis must be made by a professional to avoid the risk of electrocution.

Contact us for a reliable Home Electrical Contractor in Austin.

Residential Electrician in Dallas, Fort Worth, TX, and Nearby Cities

We are the main residential electrician in Burleson, TX, and we service Dallas, Fort Worth, and other nearby cities in Texas. As you may already know, most of the appliances that make your home warm, cozy, and comfortable are powered by electricity. So, it is not out of place to say that electricity is the blood that runs through homes.

You can imagine what life will be like when the electricity goes out for just 10 minutes. This is why you need a reliable and trusted electrician around you. Of course, we are not the only residential electrician in Burleson, TX, but we are at the top.

Why you should consider us first

Our electricians are highly experienced

We hire the best electricians with several years of experience, and we also train them further. Most importantly, they have been equipped with sophisticated diagnostic tools for faster and more reliable services. Our customer base isn’t large by fluke. It is because of the quality of our services.

We offer 24/7 services 

Electrical faults can occur any time of the day, and when they do, they should be fixed as quickly as possible. Imagine a situation where the heating unit suddenly breaks down at 1 am. We understand how inconvenient it will be for you to wait till morning before getting it fixed.

That’s why we offer emergency services 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We are always ready to attend to electrical issues 365 days a year. Even on national holidays, our electricians are always on standby. We won’t let any electrical issue mar your fun. You can call us any time of the day, and our servicemen will hit the road immediately.

Quick response 

Taking your call is one thing, and fixing the issue is another. Some electricians will take your call, but it will take several hours before they show up, and that’s even if they show up on the same day. We don’t operate like that. Speed of service is important to us because we know it’s important to you. Our competitors find it difficult to match our impressive turnaround time.

Competitive charges

In spite of the quality of our services, we have made our charges competitive. You can compare our quotes or estimates with what our competitors offer. You’ll agree that Blessed Electric & Air offers the lowest charges. We understand that quality services don’t come cheap, and at the same time, we don’t want to create a huge hole in your pocket.

Licensed and insured electricians 

All our electricians are licensed and fully insured. These are two of the most important qualities to look for in electricians. First, being licensed is an indication of competence. Besides, hiring unlicensed servicemen is illegal and may get you fined.

Also, being insured means if your property is damaged, our insurer will compensate you appropriately. Knowing that we are licensed and insured should give you additional peace of mind.

Our electricians’ checklist 

  1. After receiving your call, we will arrive at your home promptly.
  2. We will check the issue and troubleshoot it if necessary.
  3. We will present the issue, the cause, and the best solution to you in a professional manner with little or no technical jargon.
  4. We will proceed to lay out the step-by-step work plan to you.
  5. Upon your consent, we will get to work immediately.
  6. When the job is done, we will tidy your property.
  7. While we work, we respect and consider the privacy and convenience of the occupants of your home, and we also consider the convenience of your neighbors.
  8. Finally, we will get the entire job done within the planned timeline and approved budget.

For more information about our services or for free estimates, contact us anytime.