If you’ve been thinking about Replacing your Air Conditioner, Now is the Perfect Time

A new air conditioning unit is a good investment, but when should you buy it? It’s always best to get the job done when you need it, but there are also some very smart reasons to do it now. Now let’s take a closer look at a few of them.

Summer is a time when costs rise

Supply and demand are the main factors. Air conditioning units aren’t as in demand in the Dallas/Fort Worth area during the cooler spring months. A new air conditioner or HVAC unit will cost more if you wait until the summer to replace your cooling system, as equipment and labor costs will increase.

You’ll beat the crowd:

If you upgrade your air conditioning system in hot weather, you may have to wait a long time before you can use it. As the weather warms up, we see a significant increase in demand in Dallas/Fort Worth. Therefore, you will have to wait, just when you want a new air conditioner most!

Prior to inflation, you can lock in prices:

We are currently experiencing disruptions in supply chains, shortages of materials, and inflationary pressures. As far as prices are concerned, they appear to be on the rise for the time being. You can save money on DFW HVAC system costs by scheduling a job now and locking in prices.

HVAC system replacement: why should you do it?

It is not necessary to sell you on the advantages of central air conditioning if you already have one. Even if you realize that older HVAC systems don’t offer as many advantages as newer units, you may hesitate to upgrade. You may want to consider a new system now because of some good reasons.

The system in your home is aging:

Despite regular maintenance, Fort Worth HVAC systems and air conditioners tend to last about 15 years. You may be keeping cool on borrowed time if you haven’t kept up with maintenance. In addition, poorly maintained systems are inefficient, resulting in higher energy bills.

You’ll be more comfortable with new systems

You can expect better airflow and better control with your new Fort worth HVAC than you can with your older air conditioner. Manufacturers are constantly improving their products.

The air quality will be better for you:

By filtering your air and maintaining humidity at appropriate levels, a good HVAC system can improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Smart homes can be enhanced with new systems:

It’s easy to integrate a new DFW HVAC system into your smart home if you like the idea of fingertip control of your home’s heating and cooling. You’ll never want to go back to your old cooling and heating system once you start controlling it with your smartphone or voice controls.

The value of your home will increase:

The condition and age of your HVAC system is one of the first things potential buyers look at if your house is on the market. You can ask top dollar for an HVAC replacement if it was done recently.

You should replace your system if you notice these signs:

What is holding you back from upgrading your system? You may need to upgrade your air conditioner if you recognize any of these symptoms.

Repairs that occur frequently

It is fine to perform regular maintenance. However, if you are seeing your AC technician more frequently than you would like. While you’ll probably spend less on a repair than on a new HVAC system in the short term, you’ll save money in the long run.


The lifespan of even the best-maintained systems is limited. You should start preparing for a replacement air conditioner if yours is 10 to 15 years old.

A lack of airflow:

Airflow can be impeded by old, dirty filters. The airflow might improve with the replacement, but if your air conditioner doesn’t keep up on hot days, you might have a serious problem.

A poorly functioning Leakage or condensation that is excessive:

HVAC system is often characterized by excessive condensation around its units.

Energy bills that are too high:

The cost of heating and cooling can vary. However, if you suddenly see a jump in your energy costs, you may need to replace your air conditioner.

Smells and sounds that are unusual:

Your system should be checked if you hear unusual sounds when it runs, or if you detect musty odors.

Why do you need Electrical Compliance in HVAC Installations?

HVAC stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. This system helps to take care of the complete air quality of your home and regulate the temperature. It’s also installed in offices or large commercial spaces. Once you have a proper Forth Worth HVAC system installed, you must ensure safety parameters are in place to prevent potential hazards. Electrical compliance is one of the most important safety measures you must check.

What Is Electrical Compliance In HVAC?

Once you have installed the Irving HVAC system, you keep several things in mind, such as the cost, servicing, quality, etc. This process includes everything from ducting and taping to installation. Technicians will also guide you in operating and checking the system. However, you also need to get electrical compliance done. 

During this process, trained technicians shall assess your HVAC system to check for any electrical leaks or errors. This can help in preventing major short circuits at your place. Once the evaluation is complete, the technicians will issue you an electrical compliance certificate. This helps ensure your safety and that of everyone around you.

The Importance of Electrical Compliance in HVAC Installations

Electrical compliance in HVAC installations is highly important. Here are some of the major reasons why you must not operate your HVAC system without acquiring a proper electric compliance certificate.

Prevents Energy Wastage:

The Irving HVAC uses various energy sources, such as electricity, solar power, and fuel engines. To run a large HVAC system, there might be a need for larger energy units. However, if your HVAC system is not installed properly or has a minor leakage, the system will take up more energy. This might result in energy wastage. Moreover, the cost of your bill will also increase drastically. However, during electrical compliance, the technician shall closely monitor all the system’s wires, joints, and other components. This shall help to ensure that there is no scope for energy wastage.

Optimal Functionality:

The HVAC system regulates the temperature and air quality in your home. If the Arlington HVAC is not installed properly or not checked for electrical compliance after installation, it may also negatively affect its operations. This system might not be able to regulate the temperature system adequately or even maintain the air quality in your home.

Safety and Security:

To efficiently run an HVAC system, the entire system is connected using a ductal system. Any leakage of gas or electricity can be a root cause of hazard for the people living in the house. It can also cause a serious short circuit. If you have a DFW HVAC that has not been checked for electrical compliance, you might endanger the lives of those near you.

Maintained System:

When installing a Round Rock HVAC, you also check out its lifespan and how many years it can run. This helps to justify the cost of the system. With the help of electric compliance, you can ensure that no part of the system has to work on an overload. This helps to increase the lifespan of the system and helps it to run longer. Moreover, it also helps to ensure the system will run to its optimum levels.

Wrapping Up

If you recently installed a Dallas HVAC system in your home, garage, or office, check it for electrical compliance. Trained technicians shall quickly check the system for any kind of leakage. Once it is done, they shall also issue a certificate. If you haven’t checked it yet, you must do it as soon as possible. For all the people considering installing the HVAC system at your places, you must go for electrical compliance simultaneously.

HVAC Cleaning, Spring time cleaning!

Here are some critical HVAC maintenance tasks you shouldn’t forget

The spring season is a time for new beginnings, which includes HVAC Cleaning and your home from top to bottom. How come? When you neglect your unit’s maintenance, it could lose efficiency and have a shorter lifespan. For your HVAC system to run all season smoothly long, you should perform these six tasks as part of your seasonal routine.

Ensure your air filters are clean and replace them as necessary

Regularly checking and replacing your air filter are essential things you can do to maintain your Irving HVAC system. A dirty or clogged air filter reduces airflow. It makes your system work harder to circulate air, decreasing efficiency and increasing energy costs.

We recommend that you change your air filter every three months. Still, you may need to do so more frequently or less frequently, depending on the type of filter that you have and the environment in which you live.

HVAC Cleaning is essential for your unit to work efficiently for your home.

Make sure your vents and registers are clean.

A spring cleaning checklist should also include cleaning the vents and registers in your home. As dust and debris accumulate, they block airflow, making your system work harder.

Keeping your vents and registers clean is as simple as removing them from the wall or floor and vacuuming away dirt and debris. You may have to wash them with soap and water depending on how dirty they are.

Make sure your ductwork is in good shape.

Aside from cleaning your vents and registers, ensure your ductwork is free of leaks or other damage. A leaky ductwork system can reduce your system’s efficiency and introduce harmful pollutants into your home.

A professional Dallas HVAC contractor can inspect and repair your ductwork if you suspect a problem.
Make sure your outdoor unit is clean.

In addition to the indoor components of your Irving HVAC system, you should also take care of the outdoor unit.

Clean the area around the unit by removing any leaves, twigs, and accumulated dirt. Then, use a garden hose to spray down the unit and remove any grime that has built up. Before cleaning the unit, make sure it is disconnected from power!

Make sure your thermostat is working.

It would help to have a properly functioning thermostat to ensure your HVAC system works properly. Your thermostat can cause significant problems when it is outdated or not functioning correctly, such as decreased efficiency and uneven temperatures.

Get a professional Dallas HVAC contractor to check and replace your thermostat if it isn’t functioning correctly. You can even control the temperature in your home with a smartphone app on some newer models.

Get your HVAC system inspected by a professional

Last but not least, you should schedule a professional inspection of your HVAC system once a year call Blessed Electric to have a professional have a look. When you have a professional review done, they will identify potential problems before they become major repair issues, saving you time and money. During this time, duct cleaning is also a great way to remove debris, dust, and pollutants.

Why You Shouldn’t Do Your Own Electric Work

Many homeowners get excited to make the trip to the home improvement store, research some DIY tutorials on YouTubeTM, and roll up their sleeves to make their dream home come true due to the popularity of Do It Yourself (DIY) home improvement shows. Home improvement projects that include electrical work are rarely a positive experience for DIYers since DIY electrical work is never a good idea. The following are some reasons why:

  • Electrical DIY Can Be Dangerous
  • Performing electrical work wrong can result in electrocution of yourself or others within your home, which can be fatal. Suppose faulty wiring is combined with combustible materials like wood and drywall. In that case, severe fires can endanger you, your family, and your neighbors.
  • The long-term costs may exceed the short-term benefits
  • We commonly receive calls and emails from customers who have started a DIY electrical project to save money, only to run into problems. Licensed electricians will need to remove the incorrect wiring before troubleshooting begins. As a result, the project can take longer (and cost more) than it usually would.
  • DIY electrical does not comply with the electrical code
  • Electrical work is subject to stringent regulations. Our electricians are highly trained and knowledgeable about NFPA 70® and National Electrical Code® (NEC®). We consistently receive praise from inspectors about the quality of our work. In the future, if your DIY electrical work does not meet current electrical codes, you may have problems reselling your home and will not be able to get homeowner’s insurance.

It’s Dangerous to Do It Yourself

Electric systems are costly and dangerous to attempt to DIY. It is different for every DIY project. One of the most significant risks of DIY electrical projects is overheating circuits and catching fire. There is a possibility that circuit overheating, sparks, and fires can result from faulty connections, wire gauges, and other amateur mistakes.

Here’s the good news –Blessed Electric can help! No matter your electrical project size, we can provide you with a quote.

When to Prepare Your HVAC System for Fall

In Texas the first day of Fall means cooler days are coming. Living in the South doesn’t guarantee the absence of cold weather. The last thing a homeowner wants to discover when turning on their HVAC is that it isn’t working as it should. In this industry, the end of fall and beginning of winter are the busiest times for servicing your home’s heating system. Calling late Summer or early Fall will not only guarantee a prompt appointment but will also give us time to order any necessary parts if something needs to be replaced.

Early HVAC maintenance prevents long wait times during busy seasons and allows you to catch problems before they become serious.

The Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

Servicing your HVAC system prior to the heating and cooling season can:

  • Aid in protecting your HVACs warranty
  • Improve the efficiency of your HVACs system
  • Increase the service life of your HVAC system
  • Lower the cost of heating and cooling your home

It’s a good idea to have your HVAC system inspected a twice a year to catch problems early.

At Blessed Electric and Air electricians we are licensed and insured, and have over 20 years of experience in the DFW, Arlington, Irving, Burleson, and surrounding areas. Our services range from residential to commercial, from outlet and switch replacements to new circuit installations, service panel upgrades, and whole-home rewiring. We offer top-notch services at affordable prices.

Call us today at 214 801-5755 to schedule all of your electrical and HVAC services in DFW, Arlington, Irving, Austin, Burleson, or the surrounding areas.

The Most Respected HVAC Repair Service In Burleson, TX

HVAC Repair Service offers a multitude of advantages. When your heating and air-conditioning unit is working properly, you maintain the right level of humidity, which prevents the growth of mold that is harmful to your health.

What to Expect From An HVAC Repair Service

In the event of a problem with your heating and air conditioning unit, our qualified technicians will follow a systematic checklist of diagnostic procedures to find the problem and resolve it quickly.

Our technicians are equipped with the latest tools to perform evaluations, perform corrective actions and perform quality assurance tests. You can expect services covered by written warranties.

HVAC contractors abound, and finding the right one to repair your unit can be daunting. We are insured, and licensed by the state to work on all types of HVAC units. To meet licensing requirements, we have many years of experience in Residential HVAC Repair service in Fort Worth, TX.

Proper HVAC services also extend the life of your heating and air conditioning unit. If you suspect a problem with your home’s heating and air conditioning system, contact us to quickly resolve the problem. Our professionals can effectively evaluate the problem, present you with viable solutions and implement high-quality repairs that keep your system warranty intact.

HVAC Repair Service: What We Do!!!

Our main task is the maintenance and repair of air conditioning, ventilation and heating systems in residential and commercial buildings:

  • Air Treatment Units
  • Power generators
  • Heat pumps, and More

Our job requires us to establish diagnoses, plan equipment maintenance operations and draw up intervention sheets and estimates. We are sometimes led to lead a team, dispatching responsibilities. For complex systems, our expertise enables us to propose solutions adapted to optimize the performance of installations.

The repair of HVAC systems is above all a technical job. It requires a good background in HVAC and energy engineering (thermodynamics, refrigerant recovery, etc.) as well as knowledge of regulatory procedures. We are used to working in complete autonomy. Rigorous, have always shown speed and efficiency when asked to do so in an emergency work!

Common Heating And Cooling System Challenges

When you notice that your heating and air conditioning system makes strange noises, it is a good idea to take note of the type of noise it makes. Clattering or rattling noises indicate that parts of your system may have come loose. You will need to contact us to evaluate the internal parts of your heating and air conditioning unit, tighten loose parts and replace damaged components.

These Problems are Usually Caused By:

Clogged Vents and Air Vents- When the ventilation holes are obstructed, the airflow will therefore be disrupted throughout the system, but what is good to hear is that this is easy to solve.

Problems With The Thermostat- The thermostat can cause a number of problems and may be responsible for various HVAC service calls. One of the problems it may experience is airflow problems when it is defective or when the battery is almost exhausted.

Dirty Coils- Condenser coils are generally exposed to particles and it is easy for them to pick up dirt and become less efficient. When this happens, airflow problems are inevitable.

Leaking or Clogged Pipes- All the dirt and dust that passes through the filters usually end up accumulating in the ducts. With the narrow passage in most current HVAC systems, it is easy to clog them, even after a slight build-up of dirt and dust. If this is not addressed, you will continue to experience rising electricity bills and an uncomfortable home. Since most of the ducts are located in the framing of walls and ceilings, you will want to call us to locate leaks and make repairs in these hard-to-reach areas.

An improperly adjusted filter is a much less serious reason for whistling in your unit- Installing the wrong size filter or incorrectly installing the correct size filter can cause whistling in your appliance.

Electrician In Georgetown: 24/7 Electrical Repair

The electrical installation of a house or a business is not something you can do yourself without having a minimum of technical knowledge. Creating the electrical diagram is not as simple as replacing a light bulb, and it is better to avoid any risk. Electricity requires specific expertise and the right electrical equipment. Therefore, it is in your best interest to hire an electrical contractor in Pflugerville for your electrician services.

Why hire an Electrician In Georgetown?

This general electrical specialist handles the design, installation, and repair of domestic and commercial electrical installations. When building a residence, he works closely with the Interior Designers or Home Builders to create an electrical circuit with all the required electrical wiring for your project. He will make sure that your installation meets all electrical standards for a house.

When doing electrical renovations, he can carry out upgrades and repairs to the existing electrical system. For example, he can change grounded outlets, install dimmer switches for lamps and replace the electrical panels in your home. They can also provide tips on how best to reduce your electricity bill to save on energy costs. Many electrical contractors and electrical businesses also offer electrical troubleshooting services, including emergency interventions in the event of a breakdown.

With today’s technological needs and developments, many electrical contractors are able to lay optic fibers and coaxial cables for any electronic equipment. They may be able to design and install data-sharing systems or security devices such as alarms. Some contractors specialize in certain elements, such as low voltage appliances, HVAC Services(Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning), etc. Don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

Questions to ask when choosing a licensed electrical contractor in Georgetown:

  • What experience do you have in the field? How long has your company been in business?
  • How many projects like mine have you worked on?
  • Who will be working on this project?
  • Are your workers employees of your electrical company or subcontractors?
  • Can I see examples of your previous projects?
  • What training have you received? What certification have you obtained?
  • Can you provide me with references?
  • Do you have a license and permit? What about your employees?
  • How much do you charge for your service? What is included in your bid?
  • What is the hourly rate for an electrical contractor?
  • Can you provide me with a written electrical estimate? Can you provide me with an example of an electrical estimate? Can you give me an estimate of the price of electrical work?
  • What services do you offer?
  • Who will be responsible for any damages caused during the work?
  • How will the material be charged?
  • Who will be in charge of the electrical equipment?
  • What are the deadlines for the work?
  • What happens if the costs are higher than the budget in terms of material changes and labor costs?
  • What do I need to provide?
  • Are there any critical points to anticipate, in your opinion?

Different services offered

Here are most of the services offered to you:

Electrical Troubleshooting

An electrical failure can happen to anyone at any time. The possible causes of the breakdown are multiple. That is why it is necessary to carry out a thorough diagnosis of the installation before starting the electrical renovation. Our electrical contractors will research the reasons for your electrical failure and present you with the best options for all your repair work, depending on the problem you are experiencing.

Restoring Your Electrical System

After analyzing the cause of the electrical problem, we will implement the necessary repairs to get your power back on ASAP. We also take care of the commissioning.

Upgrading to Standards

Among the services of a professional electrician in Georgetown, you will find restoration to standards (Upgrades). This can be total or partial, depending on your situation. The partial restoration of electrical standards means making minor adjustments such as changing outlets or switches. As for the full service, it is a replacement of the entire electrical system from the panel to the sockets and cables. This restoration to safety standards is based on pre-established plans. The work begins when the power is completely cut off and ends only when all the connections are made, and all the installations are grounded.

All Electrical Failures

If you have any kind of electrical failure, we intervene. This can concern the following items:

  • A short circuit.
  • An electric hot plate.
  • A defect of insulation.
  • An outdated installation.
  • A defect of lighting or luminaries.
  • The intercom.
  • Your electric gate.
  • The electrical panel.
  • An electrical outlet.
  • The electric shutters.
  • The electric heating.
  • A circuit breaker.
  • The alarms.
  • The air conditioning.
  • And More!!

Other services offered by an Electrician

We offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of our customers in the field of electricity. Whether you need to optimize the comfort of your home, make adjustments or increase the electrical power, you can rely on our experience in the field of electricity and our know-how.

Among the other services we offer, you can find:

  • The installation of electrical panels. Your electrical panel will be installed in compliance with current standards and taking into consideration the electrical consumption needs of your home.
  • The works of electrical installation of sockets. Whether it is a new house or a renovation, we take care of the installation of new sockets, taking into account the electrical diagram. We also offer the installation of heating.
  • The wiring or connection of your home.
  • General electrical work. And more!!!!!

Our electrical company offers emergency services. No matter the kind/type of electrical repairs you need or what kind of power failure you have, our electricians are at your disposal in Georgetown 24/7.

This breakdown service allows you to benefit from a qualified electrician as soon as possible. Your request will be treated by a member of the team who will remain your interlocutor during all the period of the electricity breakdown service. We repair and modify your electrical installations. We also try to find the fault in the electrical network in order to perform the necessary repairs.

What are 5 Hvac Troubleshooting Tips that Every Homeowner Should Know

HVAC systems are an integral part of your home’s comfort. The HVAC systems we have today are much more efficient than they were in the past, which means they require less energy to operate properly. However, it also means homeowners need to learn new tricks in order to troubleshoot their HVAC system. This blog post provides 5 HVAC troubleshooting tips that every homeowner should know!

1. When your HVAC system is running too hot

Check the filter, they may be dirty, or the time to replace them has come . If not, then check any vents that may be blocked by furniture and unblock them. Your HVAC system should work more efficiently once you remove all of these obstructions. Note: a dirty filter can also cause your system to overcompensate in its effort to cool down the air, which will make things worse than they were before! So, replace (change) your HVAC filters according to the manufacturer guide (manual)!

2. When your HVAC system is running too cold? 

If there are no obvious airflow problems (i.e., everything seems clear), then try setting the thermostat as high as you like and see if that helps warm the room.

If you are still not happy with the temperature, look for any error codes or other indicators of problems on your thermostat and have it fixed quickly by a professional.

3.When there is an odor? 

Sometimes odors come from mold or dirt that has accumulated in the vents and air ducts; a plumber or licensed HVAC services technician can easily clean this up. If not, they will likely have solutions such as installing new heating/cooling equipment, which can resolve any issues with unpleasant smells. The smell could also originate from pets.  If the smell is coming from your home (inside your home), it may be time to open windows and/or doors for a few hours.

4. When there is too much humidity? 

The first thing you should check is whether (or not) your air conditioner filter needs changing. In addition, determine whether (or not) any vents are blocked by furniture (causing wetness on walls and floors). If none of these hints seem to work out, Contact a licensed HVAC technician.

5. When you have a clogged air filter 

A clogged filter can force the unit to work harder and shorten its life. The accumulation of dirt and debris also affect the airflow in the home, so it is important to clean your HVAC filters frequently. For most cases, a simple cleaning with water should do the trick.

Drip some dish soap on the filter and scrub it repeatedly in circular motions until you see soapy bubbles coming out from its surface.

These are some of the most important things to know about troubleshooting an HVAC system – no matter what type they may be. And remember: whenever you are unsure of your home’s heating and cooling needs, consult a licensed professional HVAC Repair in Burleson, TX who is familiar with these systems! He or she can help you get things back on track and maintain your system for many, many years.

Is Turning Off The A/C When You Are Not Home A Good Idea?

Summertime is right at our doorstep which means two things first (hopefully) a vacation is in your near future and second, it’s going to be hot!

When you’re gone for an extended amount of time do you keep your thermostat on or off? Some folks turn off their air conditioning, while they are away while others leave it on.

Returning to a home in Texas that’s been without a/c will probably feel like you just walked into one of those hot yoga classes. Yes. It may save you money on your utility bill but keep in mind that it can also lead to moisture inside the home, leading to mold later on.

Rather than turning the air off through your thermostat, it is a better idea to turn the temperature up while you are away. How much you turn it up depends on you, but adjusting it to just a 1-degree difference can create a 1% – 5% increase in inefficiency.

You’ll need to ask yourself how much do I want to save and what temperature am I comfortable with when walking through that door? Keep in mind the higher your set the temperature means saving more money.

So, instead of completely turning off your thermostat when you’re away, you can turn it up thus allowing you to save money on your energy bill while not having to come home to a hot box.

Quick & Affordable HVAC Repair in Burleson, Texas

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems help in the heating and cooling of residential or commercial buildings. HVAC systems are integral for temperature control in homes or offices as they help to create a comfortable space during harsh winters or scorching summers. However, there are many things that could go wrong with your Dallas HVAC services.

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